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Training Centers

There are several places that one may train, and become more powerful. However finding them, and paying for their use can be difficult.


  • humamoid:

To enter you need: a Bonecrusher, a Firestar, and a Demonspawn Shield.

  • undead:

To enter you need: lich dust, a Spectre's ectoplasm, and a Skull's tooth.

  • dragon:

To enter you need: an Ancient dragon's steak, an Ancient Blue Dragon's steak, and an Ancient red dragon's steak.

  • demon:

To enter you need: a Demonbane, a Belzebub's sword, and a Firebrand.

There are two minor training centers, that require no entrance fee. However there is a limit on the amount of time one may spend in them.

  • Goblin & Zombie - Located south-southeast of Scorn
  • Skeleton & Ogre - Located somewhere southwest of Navar


These are the locations to the entrances of the Training Centers.



world_106_109 - x312 - y205 - Humanoid

world_124_113 - x274 - y246 - Undead

world_107_120 - x364 - y485 - Goblin & Zombie

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