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Mikee's Maze

FIXME Where is Mikee's Maze ?

As of mid-may 2005 a particularly evil maze has been created in the mlab map pack.

It starts in a room, with a row of mirrors to the south. pass through those, and carry on slightly further, and you are in the maze proper.

The maze itself is a grid of interconnected rooms which connect edge to edge (like the greenway), however, there are other special paths out of the maze.

the mapinfo command is your friend, at the time of writing, the letters at the end of map names indicate the paths that you are on. A number on its own is a normal part of the maze. a number with a letter following it is on one of the special routes.

There are two destinations, a vault, and the exit. More have been added.

encoded solution:

gb2trg2gb2gur2rkvg:2jnaqre2nebhaq2hagvy2lbh2ybpngr2n2znc2aN,2vg2vf2ba2gur2obggbz2ragenapr2bs2n2znc.2bapr2gung2vf2ybpngrq2tb2evtug,2hc,2evtug,2evtug,2evtug,2evtug,2evtug,2lbh2jvyy2or2ng2gur2rkvg.2gb2trg2gb2gur2inhyg:2jnaqre2ebhaq2hagvy2lbh2trg2gb2znc2aN1, vg2vf2gb2gur2evtug2bs2n2abezny2znc.2tb2hc,2yrsg,2hc,2yrsg,2qbja,2qbja,2evtug,2qbja,2qbja,2qbja.2Lbh2jvyy2or2va2gur2unyy,2tb2guebhtu2naq2gb2gur2yrsg2gb2ernpu2gur2inhyg.

FIXME : What is this “encoded solution” ?

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