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CFPython version 1.0

This documentation is about the old plugin system. It is obsolete and should not be used, except for historical purposes. Documentation for current Python plugin can be found here.

How do I hook a script to an object?

Use the event_xxx to specify the script to use. The base directory for the scripts is the map directory.

  • The option field is unused for now.
  • The plugin field should be “Python” of course.

You of course need to write some Python code too… You do as usual, but remember to add an “import CFPython” to make all crossfire-specific functions available in your scripts.

How do I hook a global event?

Each global event is bound to a specific Python script file. Those files are located in the python/ subdirectory of your crossfire map directory. They have specific names, too:, where xxx is the name of the global event you want to intercept. For example, a script that should be run each time a player logs in (“login” event) should be named

What are the events?

Here is a listing of the server events and their number codes:

   EVENT_NONE     0   No event. This exists only to reserve the "0".
   EVENT_APPLY    1   Object applied-unapplied.
   EVENT_ATTACK   2   Monster attacked or Scripted Weapon used.
   EVENT_DEATH    3   Player or monster dead.
   EVENT_DROP     4   Object dropped on the floor.
   EVENT_PICKUP   5   Object picked up.
   EVENT_SAY      6   Someone speaks.
   EVENT_STOP     7   Thrown object stopped.
   EVENT_TIME     8   Triggered each time the object can react/move.
   EVENT_THROW    9   Object is thrown.
   EVENT_TRIGGER  10  Button pushed, lever pulled, etc.
   EVENT_CLOSE    11  Container closed.
   EVENT_TIMER    12  Timer connected triggered it.

And the global events are:

   EVENT_BORN     13  A new character has been created.
   EVENT_CLOCK    14  Global time event.
   EVENT_CRASH    15  Triggered when the server crashes. Not recursive
   EVENT_GDEATH   16  Global Death event
   EVENT_GKILL    17  Triggered when anything got killed by anyone.
   EVENT_LOGIN    18  Player login.
   EVENT_LOGOUT   19  Player logout.
   EVENT_MAPENTER 20  A player entered a map.
   EVENT_MAPLEAVE 21  A player left a map.
   EVENT_MAPRESET 22  A map is resetting.
   EVENT_REMOVE   23  A Player character has been removed.
   EVENT_SHOUT    24  A player 'shout' something.

What functions are currently supported?

A complete list of supported functions is given below.

Note to Scriptfire users: CFPython implements all the old Scriptfire functions. Although the syntax of Python is quite different from Guile, it should not be a problem to port your old code.

Last count (10/09/2001) result: 181 functions (not counting the various spells and skills wrappers). This of course does not include all the Python functions, just the crossfire-specific ones.

In the following, I use the following type naming convention:

  • int : An integer;
  • long : A long;
  • object: A crossfire object. (In fact, it is a long).
  • string: A character string.

Chachkoff Y.

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