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Start Equipment

When a player is born , then the player is usually stuffed with some starting equipment.
Most of this equipment received at the start is determined by the class , the character had chosen.
Several races though are limiting the pieces of equipment received.
These starting equipments usually have a startequip 1 flag set,
meaning, that if the player drops such an item, the item will disappear forever.
The server code though in function fix_generated_item() in file server/common/treasure.c
is letting players keeping a few items, if these items have one of the following flags set :

  • Number of lesser than 2 :
    • CONTAINER ( alchemists cauldron )
    • MONEY
  • else
    • MONEY

Items received by Godly intervention will have the startequip 1 flag set too.

This is a bit of an obstacle, since players will loose their received readables like guide books,
if they attempt to drop these into a container like a bag or sack :-(

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