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CF2 Classes

Classes primary set a role to play. They offer special abilities and skills which distinguish them from other classes.

Issue: Classes don't have any real distinctions at the moment.

The only difference is the starting equipment.

Where is the role playing part if a barbarian is able to become a mighty spell caster; or a sorcerer a skillful sword fighter?

Solutions Ideas

Rework class into a categorisation system similar to Dragons


Simlar to how dragons work, replace class as an attribute of the character with something like a title. “You are what you do” will be the new motto. Players will start of more generic and grow into their classes. Guilds can be the major system to step players through their development into a class (see guilds).

  • Players are able to freely choose their path throughout crossfire without feeling constrained by their initial selection. Skills remain instrumental in defining what a character does.
  • can be implemented progressively (start with one class that can only be 'acquired' by mastering a skill and then expend to include multiple skills)
  • Large investment in time to create
  • Potentially requires significant coding to implement

Focus classes on specific skills by making skills more difficult to acquire

  • Instead of focus on limiting classes, instead limit access to other skills making starting skills more relevant.
  • Simple to implement simply → remove, significantly reduce likelihood, or make effect temporary the use of skill_scrolls and talismans
  • Does not fix skills, and as commonly known, some skills are either rubbish, or only have particular times of strenght (early levels or late levels)
  • This might require significant changes to where players can find and learn skills.

Make classes gain or start with a permanent specialization

  • in exactly the same manner is the current monks, make classes have more relevance by focusing on their specific skills
  • Give permanent improvement to various classes that makes them unique, summoners get a familiar, barbarians can wield 2 weapons or a 2-hander and shield, Wizards get additional mana regeneration speeds for example (dnh). see

New Classes

Limit to association with skills that currently aren't associated with a class

  • Missile_weapons
    • Develop Ranger Class (short term)
      • Emphasis on missile_weapons as a legitimate combat skill in its own right.

Project (this can probably be on a different page now

Goal Progress
Draw unique class images Underway
Digitise and include in archetypes as png Nil
Archetype for starting config Nil
Create [:classes] entry here: [classes:rangers] Nil
level ranger and modify [skills:missile_weapons] to make archery viable and fun Nil
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