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WARNING: Although it is not the intent of this article to reveal spoilers it is a possibility depending on your definition of a spoiler.

Dragons are completely different than any other race. Their vast size and bizarre body prevents them both from wearing armour and wielding weapons – tools that they disdain in any case. Instead, they are gifted with the ability to evolve and grow stronger by eating the flesh of their defeated foes.

Over the years, their dragonhide hardens and it can provide better protection than the best armour. Instead of wielding weapons, they use their sharp and lethal claws in combat. Moreover, dragons have a natural talent for magic.

Dragons are very interested in the lore of the elements and usually choose to specialize. While focusing their metabolism on a certain element, they can gain various new abilities – including new spells, enhanced claws and more. Eventually, a dragon is able to evolve from the hatchling stage into a grown-up terrifying ancient dragon.

Player Race

The Dragon is selectable by players as their race.

Stat Modifications

Str Dex Con Int Wis Pow Cha Net +/-
+5 0 +6 -3 -8 +5 0 +5

Stat Maximums

Str Dex Con Int Wis Pow Cha
25 20 26 17 12 25 20


  • Acquirable



  • Levitation - (Hint - Using levitate while outside of cities allows you to move quickly over different types of terrain)
  • Clawing - Clawing is the default attack skill as a dragon.

Other Useful Skills

  • Woodsman - You're already going through the flesh – why not identify it in the process?


By eating flesh dropped from monsters, a dragon can increase its resistances to anything the monster is resistant to, permanently. This doesn’t happen every time, and as your resistance grows higher, you need to find higher level food. You can only gain one resistance point per flesh piece.

Taste description Meaning
Delicious Good chance of gaining resistance.
Very Good Little chance of gaining resistance.
Good Very little chance of gaining resistance.
Boring Almost no chance of gaining resistance. You are very near to where this flesh stops helping (Takes a ton to get the resistance up more)
No Taste No help whatsoever. No chance of resistance gain. Either you are well beyond the listed resistance or it never gives a bonus to resistances.
Disgusting Human food. Ick. No chance for gaining resistance.

A dragon will only gain resistances in magic, fire, cold, poison, electricity and acid from eating flesh. Also, the dragon's armor and AC ratings will improve as they gain levels.

Good foods for beginning dragons are:

  • Zombies: up to 30 cold resist
  • Ogres: up to 30 electricity resist

Focuses and abilities

A dragon's focus is where his experience and resistance are concentrated. Also, depending on your focus, you will gain different abilities as you increase in level. You do not lose abilities you have gained in one focus when switching to another, and new hatchlings can start or pick any of the available elemental focuses (fire, cold, electricity, and poison.) Here’s a list of the focus benefits:


  • Fire attuned
  • Fire claws
  • Dragon's Breath (gives you the spell if you don't have it)


  • Cold attuned
  • Cold Claws
  • Large Icestorm (gives you the spell if you don't have it)


  • Lightning Attuned
  • Lightning Claws
  • Ball Lightning (gives you the spell if you don't have it)
  • X-ray Vision (always on, never have to cast it again)


  • Poison Cloud (gives you the spell if you don't have it)
  • Poison Claws


At first, the player title depends on the highest metabolism level.

Resistance Score Title
0 - 4 Hatchling
5 - 9 Wyrm
10 - 14 Wyvern
15 - 19 Dragon

From level 20+ the resistance matters:

Resistance Score Title
20 - 49 Big
50 - 79 Ancient
80+ Legendary

Your elemental title is based on whatever you were focused on for the most levels. So, if you focus on fire for 25 levels, ice for 25s, electricity for 25 and poison for 26, you're a poison dragon.

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Dragons can wear the following:

  • 2 Rings
  • 1 Amulet
  • 1 Talisman
  • 1 Bracers
  • 1 Cloak
  • 1 Girdle
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