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Land Plots

Buildable plots of land throughout bigworld. Players can buy them and for a small rent build in them. They will tile together, and form what could be called a “verybigworld” or “plotworld”


Already finished

  • The 'template map' framework that is required for storing them is complete. Reletive paths for tiling is done, so tiling between them should work

To be done

  • Allow maps to specify in their header that building is restricted
    • 'Building passes' allow building in these areas (invisible force, or as a card type object?)
  • Write glue code, either as python, server plugin, or built in, for creating the plot entrances, building passes, and such things.
  • Make random map styles
  • Maps for buying the plots
  • Picture/arches for the plot entrances
  • And much more…


  • Where should land plots be buildable?
  • When a map maker builds over a land plot entrance, what happens to the land plot?
  • What (if anything) should be done about the potential issue of players trapping eachother in buildable areas.
    • Perhaps when players enter 'plotworld', they get a non-dropable exit item in the inventory back to the bigworld view

New building features that would enhance it:

  • Buildable savebeds
  • Buildable lock/key pairs
  • Buildable teleporters
  • Buildable crafting stations (?)
  • New buildable things (i.e. new walls, grass, etc.)

More information

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