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Updated Map Protocol


  • More layers (done in CVS by mwedel)
  • Filling in rectangular areas?
    • Would greatly reduce bandwidth used when sending floors and to a lesser degree walls
    • Probably too complicated to be worthwhile
  • Impliment a streaming compression protocol
    • Has been tested to be more efficent than selectively compressing large packets (map ones)
  • Make use of the “map2” proposal in doc/Developers/protocol of the server source (done in CVS by mwedel)
    • It's extendability should be able to accommodate features such as these
  • Send location of light sources (see Revamp Lighting)
    • Split as seperate packet possibly, but listed here as the client may still use it in display of the map

More information

Just my 0.02€, but using gzip on the conenction would likely be more effective than special protocol support for rectangular areas. Likewise animations.. I analyzed a few streams and found that animation bandwidth use can be reduced to a few bytes/timestep that way. The computational effort is also comparable to implementing special protocol extensions like filling areas.

Compression would be more efficient, easier to implement and more stable. IMnsHO.

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