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While most towns and cities in the world of Crossfire sport simple specialty shops sporting items such as weapons, armor, spellbooks, food, etc, there are certain rare shops with massive stores of hard-to-find items. Such shops typically require an entrance fee to be paid, even if you just want to browse.

Scorn Sale Shop

Location - Northwest Scorn

Specialty: Everything

One of the few “permanent floor” shops to be found (another smaller one exists in Santo Dominion). Items sold on the “sales floor” in the lower level eventually disappear with map resets (reset times can be view with the maps command in your client), while items sold in the upper levels remain there indefinitely. Be prepared to pay 100 platinum coins to enter the upstairs area. Also, the buying and selling prices at this store are more favourable towards players than at other shops. Players planning on selling off excess artifacts and spellbooks are encouraged to sell items here, as it:

  • Gives other players with some spare cash a chance to purchase hard-to-find items with greater ease.
  • Serves as a communal “showcase” of all the cool, rare items other players have not only found, but are skilled enough to be able to sell it off for spare change.
  • Gives a better buy/sell price than other shops.
  • Lets other players see what they're missing, and entices them to begin hunting down that gear themselves.

Lord of the Rings

Location - Santo Dominion

Specialty: Rings

Rings, rings everywhere! 100 platinum coins gains you entrance, so be prepared to drop several thousand more. In addition to a massive collection of random stat/resistance rings, various “silver” rings (ie: Halvor, Acid, Fire, Yordan, etc) can be found here. Occasionally, you may even spot a precious (and expensive) ring, such as a ring of War, the Saint, the Demon Priest, Ring of Ruling (Yes Mr. Frodo). Other event rings such as the Necromancer's Ring (gives any class death attack-type for melee, claws, unarmed attacks and bows, very useful), the Ring of Elements, etc, can not be found here either.

Mosley's Magic Book Store

Location - Northwest Scorn

Specialty: Spell books

A small, light-blue building, just west of the Scorn Permanent Apartments building (you should be buying one ASAP, it's only 200 platinum coins), they stock a lot of spellbooks for all spell types (summoning, sorcery, evocation, pyromancy, and praying), but at greatly reduced prices, meaning even a brand new player can buy a book of burning hands or ice storm for just a few PP.

Guild of Sages

Location - Darcap

Specialty: Spell books

Hidden away in the mountains, in world map x:116 y:104 (you can use the mapinfo command to determine your current coordinates), a hefty deposit of 200 PP will gain you access to a massive collection of books. Very useful when trying to track down some of the most important spells in the game, including:

  • Word of Recall (teleport to the last bed you slept in, extremely useful).
  • Dimension Door (lets you teleport through certain walls, over large gaps or bodies of water, or through enemies when they block your exit or you must traverse booby-trapped areas).
  • Restoration (heals you to 100%, cures poison, cures all diseases, fills your belly with food, cures blindness).
  • Town Portal (when going through a 100 level dungeon like the Church of Valriel of the Pits of Gorokh, it's nice to be able to create a portal marker, use Word of Recall to teleport back home, identify and sell off your spoils for cash, then create the other end of the portal to return to the fray).

Moldy Oldie's Jewelry Shop

Location - Lake Country

Specialty: Crowns

For the right price, usually some rare quest items, you can find a crown to fit your needs. They don't offer much in terms of armor (ie: raw damage protection), but offer massive elemental defense benefits, stat boosts, etc.

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