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Argoth, the Fish-City of the Two Towers

Argoth is the name of a city that was located West of Scorn , in the middle of the sea, in an island that since sunken after the explosion of the volcano of the same name, in 674EK. It is called the City of the Two Towers, because two huge towers were built there, to guide the ships navigating on the oceans between Bigworld and Khelens.

Argoth was a Dwarven city built on one of the highest mountains known, rooted in the depths of the sea, and climbing so high in the skies that uneducated travelers said that it was a “stairway to the gods”. On the top of the mountain, the Imperial Governors built the Two Towers, who were visible from Scorn, about 200km far from them.

The dwarves of Argoth had a terrible secret: in the depths of the caves below the mountains, they had trapped Hregalakhen, one of the last survivors of the race of the Ancient Dragons, who ruled Bigworld long before the time of humans . Unfortunately for the dwarves, the dragon got free for an unknown reason, and destroyed the city, the mountain crumbling and disappearing forever into the ocean. The Imperial authorities spread the false story of a volcanic eruption to limit the panic a free dragon the size of Hregalakhen would have caused in the population. The fate of the dragon is unknown to this day.

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