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Rhyz the Archmage

Archmage Rhyz, (Entorinaas Durdennis Rhyz, Fourth Archmage of the Seat, Herdysenmark of Normania)

Rhyz was an Archmage of the Blue School during the Old Days of the Empire.

“(…)Unlike Dhelyy Olyy, his contemporary rival for the Seat, Rhyz focused mostly on closing the gap that existed between the art of fighting and the Arcane. While Dhelyy Olyy believed in the dual association of the Warrior and the Wizard, each with its own strength increased by a long specialization in their respective fields, Rhyz believed in the idea of a “super warriard”, a combination of a powerful wizard and a strong warrior. As such, he devised many items that increased the strength and combat capabilities of their wearers, hoping that wizard apprentices would so be more inclined to learn the battle skills of warriors.

Unfortunately for Rhyz, most of his followers relied more and more on magical strength more than physical training, leaving them to a severe defeat at the Battle of Moriach, when Dhelyy used an anti-magic field over them.”

(Quote from the Codex Simochusianus, Volume XVII)

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