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Many times you will see or read references to “Branch” or “Branches” or “Branches/1.x” or “Branches/1.12” - what does this mean?

There is a Subversion (aka svn) directory at SourceForge which is intended to be the stable 1.X release. This is the same directory that many of the Linux distributions use for their packaged releases (.dpk, .rpm, et al.)

In January-2009, Branches/1.x was dropped and replaced with Branches/1.12 which is the upcoming release candidate with a target date of March-2009.

Once 1.12.0 is released, a new branch using 1.13 will be available for backporting content from trunk and bug fixes. The target release date for 1.13 is September-2009.

Going forward, there will be a 6month release cycle, using this same system of release versions.

One can expect the following in Branch:

  • Official version releases based on this code (i.e., 1.11.0)
  • Game features that have been in place for several release|years
  • Most (or nearly all map) updates from Trunk backported to Branch

One should also be aware that Branch has been more tested to run and compile on other platforms - but there may still be challenges and difficulties with your compile. Development primarily takes place with and under Linux.

Use branch if you are interested in the “more stable” release of Crossfire.

See also trunk, branch, latest, tags and stable

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