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Many times you will see or read references to “Trunk” - what does this mean?

There is a Subversion (aka svn) directory at SourceForge for active development and testing. One can expect the following in Trunk:

  • New features and changes
  • Latest development changes
  • New content (i.e., maps)

One should also be aware that Trunk is not as well tested (to name a few) for stability, game balance, bug fixes and compiling on non-Linux platforms.

Use trunk with caution unless you intend to take part in testing, bug reporting, development, etc.

As a player, here's a list of some (not all..) of the features that are different then in branch:

  • Combat, and movement speed in general, has been slowed down
  • Combat calculations have changed - weapon class (Wc) improves at a different (slower) pace
    • Items and spells that grant a bonus to weapon class are much more useful
  • Monsters and spells are still in process for being rebalanced for the combat and movement changes
  • Monster population on newer maps (i.e., Pygmy Forest, Castle Saromok) are much less then due to the combat system changes, other maps should be modified as well
  • Player files from branch are incompatible with trunk; as in, branch characters will have combat stats that a trunk player could never achieve
  • Each player starts with an additional 20 hit points (or so)
  • When not moving (standing idle) hit point, spell point and grace regeneration is faster
  • When not moving (standing idle) food consumption is slowed down (food is still consumed to regenerate though)
  • Items such are armour and weapons that are enchanted (+1, +2, +3, et al.) are more rare
  • Lower level monsters drop more (silver) coins
  • Dragon characters chose their elemental focus during the character creation process
  • Many monster generators only produce a fixed number of monsters and then stop (until the next map reset)

See also trunk, branch, latest, tags and stable

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