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Note to wiki editors, this part should be updated to take into account new login windows.

Character creation HOWTO

A walkthrough for creating characters

Please note, screen shots are from the GTK Client and content based on Crossfire v1.4.0

Select a Server

After you launch the client, look in the right side of the client - a list of public servers will be listed there.

It should look something like this:

#)     Server        #     version   idle
         Name      players           seconds
 1)     0   1.4.0        514
 2)  0   1.4.0        341
 3)  bratwurst.unix-  0   1.0.0-07-30  356
 4)  crossfire.aszli  0   1.4.0        116
 5)  crossfire.jyu.f  0                90
 6)  crossfire.plane  0   1.3.0        115
 7)  damn.informatik  0   D-0.91       346
 8)   0   1.4.0        289
 9)  metalforge.real  7   1.4.0        124
10)  mids.student.ut  0   1.4.0        112
11)     0   1.4.0        271
12)  villa-strayligh  0   1.3.0        97
13)  voldsboks.pvv.o  0   0.95.8-CVS   89
14)  web.chemwatch.n  0   1.4.0        131
15)     0   1.3.0        60
16)  zeus.fh-branden  0   1.4.0        206
17)  localhost (default)

Hit enter if you want to re-update this list. Choose one of the entries above followed by enter or type in a hostname/ip address Enter 0 to exit the program.

Here's what the listed information means:

  • # = Server number. Enter this number to connect to that particular server
  • Server Name = The IP Address or hostname of the server
  • # players = The current number of players logged on to the listed server
  • version = What version of Crossfire the server is running
  • idle seconds = How many seconds have passed since a player entered a command. This is useful if you want to see if people are logged on and actually playing (vs. hanging out/doing nothing) or how long a server has been empty.

Once you see the server list, type in a (server) number (or hostname/ip address) and hit enter. You probably want to pick a server that's close to you for reduced latency, etc.

Character Name

Look for a floating window that says, “What is your name?”

Type in a name for your character and hit enter.

Character Password

Another floating window will appear that says, “What is your password?”

Type in a unique password and hit enter.

  • If you are prompted for the password again, then the character name is available on that server. Re-enter your password.
  • If you get a message that the password was incorrect:
    • You may have mistyped the password the second time, try again
    • If you continue to see the password error message, then you need to pick a different name, since that one is already in use.

Character Stats

Next, is choosing stats for your character.
Note: You can re-roll the stats as many times as you want.
Note: This also appears in a popup window as well, if the client has popups set to '1' .

  • Click on the Roll again button (or hit the [y] key) to roll new stats.
  • Click on the ability score button (Str, Dex, Con, et al) – or keyboard keys [1-7] [1-7] to swap stats.
    • If you click on the ability score button, the dialog window will update and ask, “Exchange with which ability?” .
    • If you enter in a value from 1-7, then another value 1-7, the stats will swap and display a message similar to this Cha → Pow done .
    • Note: Number '1' is Str, 2 is Dex, 3 is Con, and so on …
  • Click on the 'Keep this' button (or hit the [n] key) to use the listed stats.

For an explanation and description of all the character attributes, visit the attributes documentation page.

Select a Character Race

FIXME put picture here

Now it's time to pick a race.

  • You can click through the list as many times as you want
  • This also appears in a popup window as well.
  • In the popup window click on “Show next” (or hit the [n] key) to select a different race.
    • The races are listed alphabetically.
    • Information for each race is listed on the right side of the client.
  • Click on Keep this (or hit the [d] key) when you find the race you want.

For more information on the ability modifiers based on race and a brief description of each, visit the races page.

Select a Class/Profession

You should now see your character (based on race) in the Hall of Selection. In this example, it's a human standing at the top of the pentagram. picture here Use the direction keys to wander around the Hall of Selection

  • You will want to head south (down)
  • As you proceed, read the Crossfire Primers (in game instructions and other information.)

The hallway will lead into a much large room, like this: picture here

In front of each teleporter is a description of the Character Class. Step on a teleporter to select your class and begin play in Scorn.

For a summary of the ability modifiers based on class and a brief description of each, visit the classes documentation

For a list of game Commands, visit the player commands documentation.

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