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This is a guide to some of the resources in the data folder used by various Crossfire Clients.

  • The .crossfire folder contains Crossfire client configuration and data files.
  • It is usually located in the player's $HOME folder.

gfx folder

  • If an image normally obtained from the server is found in this folder, it is displayed instead of the server version.
  • If you are designing new graphics for crossfire, you may draw the graphics and test them in game by placing them in this folder. It is not necessary to run a server to test the graphics.
  • For example, if the client needed to draw a dwarf, it might need to find a dwarf_p.111.png image file. Normally this file would be downloaded from the server, but the client looks for .crossfire/gfx/dwarf_p.111.png before it looks in the cache, and before it asks the server for the image.
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