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Graphics Needing Fixing

This page is meant to hold a list of faces (graphics) that at least one person thinks need improvement, or just doesn't fit in with everything else.

For easy access, consider including path information or an SVN link to the referenced .


In addition to using this page, check the SVN TODO file for suggested improvements.

The Newer "standardized" tileset

Change Perspective

Graphics that need the angle they appear at to be changed (and possibly other things). Most of these where probably not converted from the classic tileset yet.

See the Graphics Guide for information about perspective.

What Why
bagpipe Needs new perspective Doesn't fit in, lacks detail, ugly.
the cannons (cannon_0.111, etc) Only left/right facing but archetypes for aiming in every direction, all look flat.
chalices (chalice[_*]) Looks good, but the perspective is messed up (unless it is supposed to be on it's side)
a_bridge1 too flat
a_bridge2 too flat
ten_kilo flat
food stuffs
What Why
w_glass.111 Perspective messed up
booze.111 Perspective messed up
coffee.111 Perspective messed up
bag_popcorn.111 messed up perspective
ch_burger.111 messed up perspective
Scale down? Green part on the top as per CF perspective? *

Don't forget to make these look like their counterpart:



what comment path
a_guard_h monster/humanoid/Arabic/a_guard_h.*
a_guard_l monster/humanoid/Arabic/a_guard_l.*
a_guard_m monster/humanoid/Arabic/a_guard_m.*
a_priest monster/humanoid/Arabic/a_priest.*
acid pool monster/acid/acid_pool.*
acidsphere at the very least, the lighting is wrong and the animation doesn't make sense in perspective monster/acid/acidsphere.*
angel 4 facings, diagonals missing monster/angel/angel.*
ape monster/animal/ape.*
archangel monster/angel/highangel.*
basilisk monster/misc/Baslic/baslic.*
beggar monster/humanoid/Arabic/beggar.*
behemoth monster/animal/Behemoth/behemoth.*
belzebub monster/giant/Belzebub/belzebub.*
big_slave monster/humanoid/Arabic/big_slave.*
bird side facings out of perspective monster/animal/bird.*
blob monster/misc/blob.*
blue sphere redo with acid sphere? monster/acid/bluesphere.*
bone_head Just use skull's image?
broo monster/misc/broo.*
byakie monster/giant/byakie/byakie.*
c_priest monster/misc/c_priest.*
chess pieces (all) these should be redone as a set, anyway monster/misc/Chess/*.*
chicken monster/animal/farmyard/chicken.*
cupid monster/angel/cupid.* (cherub.arc)
djinn monster/giant/djinn/djinn.*
djinn_magenta monster/giant/djinn/djinn_magenta.*
djinn_magenta_big monster/giant/djinn/djinn_magenta_big.*
dog monster/animal/Dog/dog.*
elem_fire_black monster/elemental/elem_fire_black.*
elem_water monster/elemental/elem_water.*
ent monster/misc/Ent/ent.*
evil_master monster/demon/evil_master.*
evil_master2 monster/demon/evil_master2.*
evil_master3 monster/demon/evil_master3.*
evil_master4 monster/demon/evil_master4.*
firechest monster/misc/firechest.*
fungus monster/animal/fungus.*
gaelotroll monster/troll/Gaelotroll/gaelotroll.*
gargoyle monster/misc/gargoyle.*
giant_bat monster/animal/giant_bat.*
giantrat monster/animal/Giant_rat/giantrat.*
giant worm Its hard to tell if its even in perspective, but I don't think it is monster/animal/giant_worm/g_worm.*
goblin generator monster/goblin/goblin_gen.*
goose monster/animal/farmyard/goose.*
ghost side facings out of perspective
gnoll generator monster/goblin/gnoll_gen.*
gryphon may be a difficult multi-tile one to do monster/animal/gryphon/gryphon.*
horse monster/animal/farmyard/horse.*
kobold generator monster/goblin/kobold_gen.*
lamia monster/misc/lamia/lamia.*
liteangel monster/angel/liteangel.*
mastif make sure to do shadow mastif as well monster/animal/Dog/mastif.*
mouse monster/animal/mouse.*
mudman monster/misc/mudman.*
mushman monster/animal/mushman1.*
neko monster/animal/Neko/neko.*
Ngolem monster/misc/Ngolem/gol.*
ologhi monster/goblin/ologhi.*
ogre_r monster/goblin/ogre_r.*
orc generator monster/goblin/orc_gen.*
panther monster/animal/panther.*
para_air monster/elemental/Para/para_air.*
para_earth monster/elemental/Para/para_earth.*
para_ice unless my version is too bad :) Ryo monster/elemental/Para/para_ice.*
para_lava monster/elemental/Para/para_lava.*
para_light monster/elemental/Para/para_light.*
para_mud monster/elemental/Para/para_mud.*
para_water monster/elemental/Para/para_water.*
pet_necro monster/acid/pet_necro.*
pup monster/animal/Dog/pup.*
purple worm Its hard to tell if its in perspective, but it doesn't seem to be monster/animal/giant_worm/purple_worm.*
pyromaniac monster/humanoid/pyromaniac.*
quaathu really quite flat for a new image monster/misc/quaathu/quaathu.*
s_mastif should be redone with mastif image, so they look right monster/elemental/Shadow/s_mastif.*
serpent monster/giant/serpent/serpent.*
serpentman monster/misc/serpmen/serp_man.*
serpentman generator if you're already doing the serpentmen… monster/misc/serpmen/serpman_gen.*
serpentman priest monster/misc/serpmen/serp_priest.*
sheep monster/animal/farmyard/sheep.*
skree monster/undead/skree/skree.*
slimecrawler monster/acid/slimecrawler/slimecrawler.*
slug monster/giant/slug/slug.*
snake monster/animal/snake.*
sphinx monster/misc/sphinx.*
stalker unless the are supposed to be a sideways swarm monster/misc/stalker.*
tentacle monster/misc/tentacle/tentacle.*
tentacle2 monster/misc/tentacle/tentacle2.*
unicorn monster/misc/Unicorn/unicorn.*
veiled_woman monster/humanoid/Arabic/veiled_woman.*
veiled_woman2 monster/humanoid/Arabic/veiled_woman2.*
veiled_woman3 monster/humanoid/Arabic/veiled_woman3.*
warrior (various colors) in progress – using warrior player class to redo these done and committed - SilverNexus monster/humanoid/Class/Warrior/warrior_{color}.*

Lacking facings

Insufficient facings (less than four), but good perspective. It would be nice to have all eight facings for these, but four is a good benchmark for now. This is not (yet) an exhaustive list.

what # facings path comments
armourtroll2 1 monster/troll/armourtroll2.*
armourtroll3 1 monster/troll/armourtroll3.*
armourtroll4 1 monster/troll/armourtroll4.*
banshee 1 monster/undead/banshee.*
beholder 2 monster/beholder/beholder.* Second facing added in r19156. – SilverNexus
black_dragon2 2 monster/humanoid/Dragon/black_dragon2.*
blue_dragon2 2 monster/humanoid/Dragon/blue_dragon2.*
bone_head 1 monster/demon/bone_head.* changed since 1.70.0 release - use trunk repository to add facings
c_knight 1 monster/misc/c_knight.*
cobra 1 monster/animal/cobra.* as a tall multi-tile, facings should work out
conjurer 1 monster/humanoid/Class/conjurer.*
dark elf 1 monster/humanoid/Elf/dark_elf.*
dave 2 monster/undead/dave.* please use the subversion repository until the release beyond 1.70.0, this image has been changed since then
deathshead 1 monster/undead/deathshead.*
demilich 1 monster/undead/demilich.*
demon 1 monster/demon/devil.*
dread 1 monster/beholder/dread.*
dwarf 1 monster/humanoid/Dwarf/dwarf.*
dwarf_pr 1 monster/humanoid/Dwarf/dwarf_pr.*
dwarf_wiz 1 monster/humanoid/Dwarf/dwarf_wiz.*
dwolf 2 monster/animal/Wolf/dwolf.* existing facings should become diagonals
elem_earth 1 monster/elemental/elem_earth.*
elf_1 1 monster/humanoid/Elf/elf_1.*
elf_guard 1 monster/humanoid/Elf/elf_guard.*
elf_lad 1 monster/humanoid/Elf/elf_lad.*
elf_lass 1 monster/humanoid/Elf/elf_lass.*
fiend 1 monster/demon/fiend.* Could be completely redone, to distinguish from regular demons
fighter 1 monster/humanoid/Class/fighter.*
fire_troll 1 monster/troll/Troll/fire_troll.*
gardengnome 1 monster/humanoid/Gnome/gardengnome.*
ghast 1 monster/undead/ghast.*
gnome 1 monster/humanoid/Gnome/gnome.*
gnome2 1 monster/humanoid/Gnome/gnome2.*
greater_dwarven_guard 1 monster/humanoid/Dwarf/greater_dwarven_guard.*
green_dragon2 2 monster/humanoid/Dragon/green_dragon2.*
green_dragon3 2 monster/humanoid/Dragon/green_dragon3.*
grimreaper 1 monster/undead/grimreaper.*
guard_hard 1 monster/humanoid/Guard/guard_hard.*
guard_ligh 1 monster/humanoid/Guard/guard_ligh.*
guard_med 1 monster/humanoid/Guard/guard_med.*
hill giant 1 monster/giant/giant.* as a tall multi-tile, facings should work out
ice warrior 1 monster/elemental/ice_warrior.* as a tall multi-tile, facings should work out
imp 1 monster/demon/imp.*
knight 1 monster/humanoid/Guard/knight.*
kobold 1
lesser_dwarven_guard 1 monster/humanoid/Dwarf/lesser_dwarven_guard.*
lich 2 monster/undead/lich.*
lokanth 1 monster/misc/lokanth/lokanth.*
lord_e 1 monster/humanoid/lord_e.*
madman 1 monster/humanoid/madman.*
mdemon 1 monster/demon/medium_demon/mdemon.*
nazgul 1 monster/undead/nazgul.*
necro 1 monster/humanoid/necro.* Could be completely redone, existing image is paper thin
ninja_2 1 monster/humanoid/Class/ninja_2.*
northman 1 monster/humanoid/Class/northman.*
orc 1
pirate 1 monster/humanoid/Class/pirate.*
pixie 1 monster/misc/pixie.*
raas 1 monster/demon/raas.*
red_dragon2 2 monster/humanoid/Dragon/red_dragon2.*
rustmonster 2 monster/acid/rustmonste.* existing facings should become diagonals
scorpion 1 monster/animal/scorpion.* existing facing should become a diagonal
shadow 1 monster/elemental/Shadow/shadow.*
siegfried 1 monster/humanoid/siegfried.*
skeletal mage 1 monster/undead/Skeletal_mage/skeletalmage.*
skeleton 1 monster/undead/skeleton.*
skull 1 monster/undead/skull.*
smallt_green 1 monster/troll/smallt_green.* please use the subversion repository until the release beyond 1.70.0, this image has been changed since then
smalltroll 1 monster/troll/smalltroll.*
spectre 1 monster/undead/spectre.*
spock 1 monster/humanoid/Elf/spock.*
troll 1 monster/troll/Troll/troll.*
vampire 1 monster/undead/vampire.* maybe the generator could have facings, too (like the bookshelf now does)?
wight 1 monster/undead/wight.*
witch_air 1 monster/elemental/witch_air.*
witch_chaos 1 monster/chaos/witch_chaos.* maybe add more frames to animation? Alternating between two colours isn't very chaotic
witch_earth 1 monster/elemental/witch_earth.*
witch_fire 1 monster/elemental/witch_fire.*
witch_water 1 monster/elemental/witch_water.*
wolf 2 monster/animal/Wolf/wolf.* existing facings should become diagonals
wraith 1 monster/undead/wraith.*
zombie 1 monster/undead/zombie.*
Difficult to give facings

These images will possibly cause problems if facings are added, so be cautious if you attempt these. Major rebalancing may be in order with these if new facings are introduced, as the monsters may gain access to new areas or lose access to other ones.

what facings path comments
ancient dragon 2 monster/dragon/Dragon/dragon_ac.*
basilisk 2 monster/misc/Baslic/baslic.* needs perspective fix first
chaos dragon 2 monster/dragon/Chaos_Dra/chaos_dragon.*
Cwyvern 2 monster/dragon/Cwyvern.*
dragon 2 monster/dragon/Dragon/dragon.*
lamia 2 monster/misc/lamia/lamia.* needs perspective fix first
serpent 2 monster/giant/serpent/serpent.* needs perspective fix first, though
shadow dragon 2 monster/dragon/Shadow_Dra/shadow_dragon.* doesn't seem to quite be in perspective, which should be fixed first
slug 2 monster/giant/slug/slug.* needs perspective fix first
sphinx 2 monster/misc/sphinx.* needs perspective fix first
unicorn 2 monster/misc/Unicorn/unicorn.* needs perspective fix first
worthless dragon 2 monster/dragon/WDragon/worthless_dragon.* perspective fixed in trunk revision, not in 1.70.0, though
wyvern 2 monster/dragon/wyvern.*

The Ugly

Put stuff here that you think is just plain ugly, thus you think it should be redone.

what why
crea_serp_c DUDE YOU HAVE TO BE BLIND IF YOU DON'T THINK THIS IS UGLY!!!!!!1111 (Its like it was left over from the monochrome bitmap days of crossfire.)
Opened Containers

These are ugly, and don't look like their closed counterpart.


Doesn't represent what it is

Faces that do not look like the object they represent, or archetypes using a face as a placeholder.

Needs to be opened

The following containers' faces should appear to be open, and need a new face. (archetypes listed below)


Classic Tileset

This tileset is missing LOTS of faces, thus people see question marks replacing those faces.

false, actually, server will fall back to standard set if classic is not defined… but should be filled anyway :) — Ryo Saeba 2007/12/10 17:37
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