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Gorokh Demon King, Duke of Hell, Tempter and Tormentor


Gorokh is the demon-god, and loves blood and pain.


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Name of the enemy god: Valriel
Races: Demons
Enemy races: Angels

Attack Types: Fear
Resistances: Magic +30, Fear +100
Vulnerable: Cold -5
Attuned: Wounding
Repelled: Protection, Restoration
Denied: n/a
Special: Health Regeneration -2, Mana Regeneration -1, Luck -1

Player Information

General Gaming Experience

Evaluative Criticism

He is reluctant to answer prayers for healing or protection,
but eagerly answers prayers to cause harm.
Devotees receive magic resistance, and the extremely powerful vitriol spell at high levels.

Additional Comments

Recent changes: -2 hp regeneration (1 less than it was).
-1 SP regeneration (1 less than it was) and -5 cold (just to slow down a high level Gorokh player a little)

Worshiping Gorokh


Granted Spells

  • Flaming Aura (all levels)
  • Rage (medium level)
  • Vitriol (medium level)

Altar Effects

  • Remove Curse
  • Remove Depletion
  • Enchant Weapon +7
  • Restore Grace
  • Restore Hitpoints
  • Cure Confusion
  • Cure Poison

Holy Relics



Holy Servant

A Devil ( Demon )


Tile Size 1×1, level 15, hp 350, wc -3, dam 50, ac -5, armour 50, speed 0.25; Attacktypes: Fear, Physical

Gaming Tips

Gorokh is an easy god to worship

  • Go onto the altar and pray until you get the spell “flaming aura”.
  • Kill goblins and other creatures with this spell.
  • When you are a high level player you can kill Archangels, Retributioners, and other angels.
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