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Items in Crossfire

Read also the existing guide for equipment .


Items in the Crossfire Multi-User Role-Playing Game are usually things, that a player can pick up, carry in his inventory, examine, identify, wield, wear, drink, eat, read, drop, throw, apply and do other actions with and on them.


Armour in Crossfire adds benefits to both Armour Class AC and Resist Physical Armour .
A player needs to apply a piece of armor, to wield it.
Armor items are Body Armour such as a Chain Mail, Cloaks, Helmets, Bracers, Gloves, Shoes and Shields .


Something about Glowing Crystals can be found here .


A list of known foods can be found here .


A summary on talismans could be found here .

Actions on Items

Item Enchantment

A report on how to enchant items could be found here .

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