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Crossfire Logo and History

References, license and criteria for the current logo is found on the main site Copyright page.

The following information was archived from the original FTP server where the Crossfire project was started.

CrossFire images

Here are some images that I created for CrossFire, using CrossEdit, the GIMP and some patience… You are free to use them for anything related to CrossFire, such as WWW pages or documentation. It is not necessary to credit me for the images, but please do not pretend that you created them.

If you have the GIMP and you would like to create similar images, the font that I used is “becker” from the freefonts package. The golden letters were created with Xtns → Script-Fu → Logos → Glossy, by setting the font size to 70 and the gradients to “Golden”. The glowing logo at the end of the first animation was created with Xtns → Script-Fu → Logos → Glowing Hot. The animations were created from screenshots of custom maps (the icestorm and some other objects were pasted separately from their XPM files). I also used Filters → Animation → Animation Optimize to reduce the size of the files, although they are still a bit too big.

Raphaël Quinet, June 1998

crossfire-title1.gif (11 Kb):

crossfire-title2.gif (13 Kb):

(the shadows are a bit different from the first one and there is no dithering on the letters)

crossfire-anim1.gif (50 Kb):

crossfire-anim2.gif (59 Kb):

(in this animation, the wizard attacks too)

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