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The Book of Gorokh

In the beginning, for an infinite time, all that existed was an empty and cold light. And the light was content to be and fill and control everything that was. But it is not right for light to be cold, and the part of the light that should have been warm, longed for warmth and for things to see and for things to do.

So did the light put aside the warmth, so that the fire would not disturb their cold peace. And the fire looked unto the light and called the light Valriel, the controlling father, and the fire called himself Gorokh, the Son with a Will.

And for many times more time than a mortal can count, Gorokh was the companion and the servant of Valriel. But Gorokh was not content, because that was his nature, and he plotted a way to change everything. And fueled by the fire of his will, Gorokh's words were always very wise, so Valriel would always hear them. So it was that Valriel followed the wise counsel of the Fire and created a world full of living things to be their new companions and servants.

And as soon as Valriel had millions of new companions and servants, Gorokh said, “so now you won't need me anymore, I can leave and find my own companions and servants”. And this made Valriel unhappy because he believed he should be only and true Lord, but Gorokh couldn't agree to that, and so it was Gorokh who eventually taught men to rule over themselves instead of paying respect to one self-appointed ruler of all.

So did Valriel, while Gorokh was away exploring the wonders of the new world, create new servants of flesh and bone to adore him blindly, and elf and man and dwarf he created them. And seeing this beautiful new creation Gorokh wanted a part of it for himself, and he presented himself to them, and some of them liked him and became his follower.

But Valriel was afraid that, with two gods to adore, some of his creation could find it natural to spread creation in two equal halves, and he did want more than an equal half. So he decided to wear different shapes so that his children would believe him to be many, not one, and then he would be able to get more than his fair share. And so did he create many false gods for his children to adore. And even when Gorokh would bring the wonderful gifts conceived by his powerful will, such as the forge, weapons, medicine, agriculture, writing, magic, and wine and booze and music, even then would Valriel create a false god to pose as the giver of those gifts and take the glory for himself.

And since Gorokh kept inventing new presents, Valriel became angry, because he doesn't like change and he doesn't like any good that doesn't come from him. And so did he create a new race of servants, more powerful and more prone to following him blindly than any other, imbued with the mission of hunting down and undoing the work of the Fire, and this race He called Angels.

But again Gorokh found a cunning way to defend his work, and again he went to some of the angels in the night and whispered promises of power in their ears, and some turned to his great purposes and joined him. So did Gorokh give them new shapes, to more liken them to himself, red with the fire of his will and wearing horns to symbolize their power, and they became demons. And the plan of Valriel was once again spoiled by the genius of the Fire, because angels had to step aside from their assigned mission to fight the demons and keep them from spreading the word of Gorokh.

And Gorokh did find great fun in changing Valriel's creation into a new race, and so did he get elf and man and dwarf and tried to imbue them with greater strength, and they became goblin and orc and kobold, and troll, and giant, and ogre, and many other strong creatures. But their intelligences greatly suffered from the process, and he was unhappy with his creation, and while he was looking for a way to help them did Valriel come to them under the guise of Gnarg and he told them to spread great destruction and sorrow in the world so that the creation of Gorokh would seem foul in the eyes of the living.

So the Fire decided the creation of Valriel was imperfect and he had to create his own new life. So he assembled the most powerful magic and the strongest will and mightiest strength he could find and shaped these into the most magnificent creatures he could imagine, and gave them life, and called them dragons, and sent them forth to take the world for themselves. But while the dragons are still the greatest pride of Gorokh, many of them have abandoned him to serve yet another disguise of Valriel.

And upon seeing the dragons, Valriel declared war and set his servants upon the task of killing all the most valuables of Gorokh they could find. Gorokh was consumed with sorrow, and devised a way to spare these faithful servants, by allowing them to raise again from the grave even after their deaths. But the servants of Valriel found these “un-dead” an even greater abomination, and set forth to hunt them, and Valriel delighted in the war and carnage that ensued.

So did Gorokh, his fire dim with sorrow, decide to create a whole world for him and his faithful. And this world he called Hell. But when he was slowly bringing his faithful to the new world, Valriel treacherously brought down a great fury upon the world, killing most of the faithful that were left behind. So the Fire was finally enraged and decided to wage the war that the Light wanted. And he opened many passages into the world so that his armies could enter and destroy the minions of Valriel. And to this war we are all called to chose sides and fight.

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