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Many players can be found on one of the several active public servers. Public servers are independently operated by gracious volunteers, developers, and enthusiastic players. Accounts and player characters created on one server generally cannot be transferred to others.

The best place to find current servers is the: Metaserver

Choosing a Server

Because accounts and player characters are not transferred between different servers, it's a good idea to pick an active server that has a long track record. When picking a server, you should consider the following:

  • Ping latency. Since Crossfire runs in real-time, it's a good idea to pick a server with a low(er) ping latency.
  • Popularity. Crossfire is a multi-player game. It is much more fun to adventure with friends than fight alone.
  • Track record. Servers that have been up for a long time will most likely stay up.
  • Version. Servers running a more recent version of the game have less bugs and more features.

Active Servers

A constantly-updated list of servers that are currently running can be found in the client or on the public metaserver. Several recommended servers that are fairly popular and stable are listed here.

Server Address Version Mapset Lifespan Description
MetalForge 1.12.0 Official (bigworld) 2003-present Usually has the most active players and enforced rules. ~4-7 players online at a time during peak hours.
Invidious Development (git) Official (bigworld) 2008-present Active.
CrowCastle Latest maps and code with local changes Official (bigworld) 2021-present Active.
Netarbeiter 1.70.0 Official (bigworld) 2003-present Rarely active.

Hosting Your Own

Ever wanted to host your own Crossfire server? Here's your chance!

Past Servers

Please keep this limited to public servers, or private ones which have been historically significant.

Server Address Version Mapset Lifespan Description
Spam Im unknown unknown since end of 2017 or begin of 2018?
CrossCiv 1.50 or later three different maps unknown hosted by the FreeCiv game server
Voldsboks last known running 0.95.8-CVS smallworld unknown to unknown First public crossfire server. Run by Frank Tore Johansen.
Mids last known running 1.5-CVS smallworld unknown to ~July 2003 A well-known previously running server.
Elven Realms unknown bigworld unknown to ~June 2005
Metalforge last known running 1.5 smallworld unknown to ~April 2004 Metalforge pre-skill-system-change, when player files were cleared and the domain was changed.
Jyu unknown unknown unknown to ~April 2004
Bnet unknown unknown unknown to unknown
Friendship unknown bigworld unknown to some time in 2005 or 2006
Alestan 1.50 or later unknown unknown ~?2012-2014? Weather enabled newer server
Berkeley unknown unknown unknown to unknown Allowed beholder player characters.
Zeus 1.9.0 bigworld unknown to unknown Rarely active.
Kobold 1.9.1 bigworld unknown to unknown Rarely active.
Bratwurst 1.8.0 bigworld unknown to unknown Rarely active.
Tuxhilfe 1.9.1 bigworld unknown to unknown Rarely active.
Bksys 1.5.0 smallworld unknown to unknown Rarely active.
Penbrock 1.9.1 bigworld unknown to unknown Rarely active.
cat2 1.9.1-CVS or forked bigworld(forked) unknown to current PKing allowed. Server admin includes “anti-womens-rights” content which a majority of the community disagrees with. Some active players. As of late August 2006, around ~3-4 players online at a time.
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