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Crossfire on Solaris


You can choose to install Crossfire from either the packages available at: .packages. - or by downloading the source which is available on the SourceForge page.


In the binary, there were some minor compilation problems which were “hacked” to a working state. Further notes are on the downloads page.


First off, we need to download the server binary, available here, then as the super-user(root), install it. This binary contains the server, the archetypes and the maps.

The commands are as follows:

# wget
# su
# gtar -zxvf CFserver-sparc.pkg.tgz (if you do not have gtar, do: "gunzip CFserver-sparc.pkg.tgz" followed by "tar -xvf CFserver-sparc.pkg.tar".)
# pkgadd -d CFserver-sparc.pkg


For compilation instructions, you can follow the Crossfire Compile Guide.


At this point in time, the only clients available are the original X11 client and the GTK1 client. Further notes are at the .packages. page.


We must first acquire the client binary from here, then as the super-user(root), install it. The commands are as follows:

# wget
# su
# pkgadd -d CFclients-sparc.pkg

Once these commands are complete, the client is ready to run.


To compile from source, you can follow the Crossfire Client Compile Guide.



Once the server is installed, it may be started by running this, as root:

# /usr/games/crossfire/bin/crossfire

Or, to run the server loop:

# /usr/games/crossfire/bin/crossloop


Now that the client is installed, we can run it by issuing either of the commands:

For the classic X11 client,

# cfclient

For the GTKv1 client,

# gcfclient
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