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SourceForge Migration

Tips, Help and Notes

On 2013-February-25, the Crossfire project was moved or migrated to the new SourceForge platform. This was required for all projects hosted at SourceForge. In addition to new features and a modified website & interface - the location for the Subversion (SVN) code repository was moved to a new server location - hence the new URL to access it. Gridarta was moved 2013-May-23.

The old repository (url: is read-only now.

The new repository is:

Anonymous Read Only access is available as well, just don't use https (i.e.,

For more detailed instructions on migrating your local checkout to the new repo, please see

Additional documentation on Subversion at SourceForge:

Migration Commands

Specific information in regards to Crossfire.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you are using the correct username and password, as the initial switch command will require you to enter your SourceForge username and password.

Example commands to update individual components to the new SVN URL:


svn switch --relocate


svn switch --relocate


svn switch --relocate

GTK Client

svn switch --relocate


svn switch --relocate


svn switch --relocate


The whole Project

svn switch --relocate

Anonymous Access

Making the switch to anonymous read only access (does not prompt for username & password) would use the following syntax:

svn switch --relocate

Notice it is *not* using https in the second URL.

Update the second URL in the examples above for Ready-Only SVN-access to all modules.

Background Information From SourceForge

The new platform, codenamed “Allura”, is a rewrite and redesign of the Open Source development tool set. It provides tighter integration between the various tools to give you a better developer experience. Allura is a project in incubation at the Apache Software Foundation, where people from many different companies are collaborating to make it even better.

You can see a quick overview of the platform at
and you can see ongoing updates to the platform on our blog, at .

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