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This section provides guidelines and information intended for developers, map editors , or curious players who wish to modify the game.

The best place to discuss the development of Crossfire is the irc or Discord channels named “crossfire”.

Getting Started

Information on installing Crossfire from the source code including accessing the developmental version (trunk):

Information for Development

The following sections provide information on guidance for developing Crossfire to maintain a consistent and engaging Crossfire experience.


Information about modifying and creating new objects such as items, monsters, spells using existing code:

  • Custom Item Creation - Information and guidelines about creating custom items.
  • Custom Creature Creation - Information and guidelines about creating custom creatures.
  • Graphics Guide - Information to aid the creation of archetypical art.
  • Item Type Guide - Information about how different types and attributes affect objects.
  • Spell Numbers - The “spellnumber” works like an ID, it is needed to specify spells in various object-types. E.g. spellbooks, rods/wands/scrolls, firewalls… etc.
  • Spell Shuffle - New testing and experimental archetype branch that contains spell tweaks and spell school reorganization


Guides for how to design maps in crossfire that are consistent in look and feel with existing maps:

  • Map Making Guide - This is a guide on what is an acceptable map and what is unacceptable. Also, how/where to contribute maps.
  • Notes on Map Making - Notes, details and suggestions on making maps.
  • Yardstick - A note about the scale and size relations of maps compared to reality.


Guides for modification and creation of new code:


TODO and Ideas

TODO lists

The TODO list represent ideas that have general consensus and are currently being worked on or due to be worked on soon. These are an excellent starting points for new developers who wish to contribute to the project.


These pages contain general discussion that hasn't made it on to the TODO list yet.


Crossfire Wiki

Contributing to the Crossfire Wiki is simplest way to assist in the development of Crossfire.


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