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Forks of Crossfire

See Also : History of Crossfire

The open source code of crossfire has been used by people, who wanted to create their own monsters, maps or skills.

List of Forks of Crossfire

  1. Wograld : Started with version 1.9, too few developers, forum exists no more.
  2. Deliantra : Bigworld split into two continents divided by sea.
  3. CrossCiv : A galactic milieu for crossfire – whatever that is.


Wograld source code is hosted on sourceforge :
It has a summary and a blog .
FIXME : link addresses on sourceforge

Cvs access did not work for me, since the source is set read-only. Using rsync, it needs then the rcs package installed, to extract it's `,v' archive files using `rcs co' , which is short for checkout.

Status : no current downloads, cvs archive access through rsync, difficulties with bugs in the old client crashing the server

Noteworthy the 9 Stupidities, however they have implemented these.

About the artwork : The monsters have a more humanoid face; many monsters, who just are usually one tile in size, are two tiles in size :


Deliantra is still up as of February 2018.

Noteworthy it's address to view Maps

CrossCiv Galactic Milieu

CrossCiv is still up, people can connect as of February 2018.
CrossCiv code is hosted on sourceforge :
It's wiki at sourceforge is explaining much.
The player needs to be a normal character that does not use magic or prayers to access the galactic milieu.
Otherwise, the character is send to a usual crossfire-style fantasy world, with an uncommon starting island map.
The client to connect to needs to be v1.60.0 or newer, to play it fully functional.

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