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FIXME Are skills actually broken up into mental, etc categories?

Skills grant characters means combat skills, spell casting skills which grant access to spells.
They also allow a character to become an artisan or just generally become better .

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Combat Skills

Combat skills are those skills that rely on the character's ability to cut,
slice ,thrust, bludgeon, shoot… you get the idea.
They can be split into two categories: Melee and Missile.

Melee Skills

Missile Skills

Spell Casting Skills

Spell Casting skills are those skills that rely on the manipulation of magic
to both protect allies of, and disable the various enemies of all inhabitants of Crossfire.

But not all players are gifted with an innate ability to use magic,
some find power through the skill of channeling trinkets and tokens of great power.
Even many gifted ones would rather apply this path for the most powerful or dangerous of magics.

Artisan Skills

Whilst an apprentice may struggle with the steps to building the most basic of raw materials or singing in tune, through great artistry, mundane items and skills can be empowered with magic and there are those who specialize in the knowledge of these skills. These masters are often consulted to understand the value and true purpose of found objects.

General Skills

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