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This is a very simple perl script that casts a series of protection spells on your character, keeping grace at max throughout. Adjust the list of protection spells to include the ones you want to cast.



use warnings;
use strict;
require "./"; # get some subs to use
$| = 1;              # unbuffered output
# The 'null' at the end is a simple way to make sure you're fully
#   graced up when this finishes.
for my $type (qw( cold electricity poison confusion magic null )){
    my @hp = request_line('stat hp');
    my( $grace, $maxgrace ) = @hp[4,5];
    while( $grace < $maxgrace ){
        issue('use_skill praying');
        @hp = request_line('stat hp');
        ( $grace, $maxgrace ) = @hp[4,5];
    issue("invoke protection from $type");
draw(3, "All protected!");

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