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Lord Mhoram's Land

Mhoram1) is Aaron Baugher, a devilishly handsome part-time computer programmer and sysadmin, part-time farmer, part-time builder and remodeler, based in Quincy, IL, USA. He plays on the Metalforge server as Mhoram, has a dog named Pepper, and thinks Farscape is the best TV show ever.

My Contributions

  • Documentation. I'm adding/moving docs to the wiki, cleaning up errors and outdated info in the current docs, and possibly adding new docs. Feel free to add suggestions to my TODO list below.
  • I'm very intrigued by the possibilities of the quest management system, so I'm hoping to contribute to that in some way.
  • Minor graphics fixes.
  • Very minor bug fixes.

My TODO List

  • I'm currently putting the final touches on a set of pages explaining the spells system. The lists and index are there; is there anything else that would help? Update: I'm expanding this to include attacktypes, which means following other_arch links, so I'm abandoning the collection of tiny scripts and pipelines that I used to build the original set, and building a script that should do it all. Completely automating it will mean putting the Notes info into the archetypes (lore or msg?), so I'll bring that up on #crossfire this week to see what people think. (Comments are also welcome here, of course.) I can do it simply enough, so it's just a question of whether people think it would be appropriate, since many spells currently have no explanation in the archetype file at all.
  • I'm working on a script to dynamically build the monsters section from the archetypes. This grew in complexity quite a bit as I learned just how the archetypes worked, but should be finished soon.
  • I'd like to write a beginner's guide. There are already such guides out there, but in my opinion, they are somewhat scattered and out of date, and don't help the player much beyond the first few levels. There are also some things I wish I'd known right about right away, like the Post Office and the Royalty Quest, that I didn't discover until I'd been playing quite a while. I want to incorporate some of the beginner's materials that are already out there, along with some things based on my own experiences.
  • Suggestions what to do next? Please add them here.

My Scripts

All my scripts are freely available to anyone who would like to use them, modify them, laugh at them, etc.

Client-Side Perl Scripts

  • level_up – Reports which skills are nearing advancement.
  • travel – Walks a player from one place to another.
  • watch_food – Auto-applies food when you get hungry.
  • protect – Casts an assortment of protection spells.
  • altar_pray – Takes some of the tediousness out of praying at an altar.
  • healup – Bring grace and hit points to maximum.
  • – Subroutines used by most of my other scripts.

Other Scripts

  • wiki_orphans – An external perl script that checks the dokuwiki for orphaned pages.
  • indent_a_file – Lisp function for correctly indenting and untabifying code with Emacs.
  • attacktype – Perl script to list the attack types corresponding to a number.
  • bwp – Build Wiki Pages: This is a program I’m working on to automate the building of pages for the wiki from the monster archetypes (and eventually other categories, perhaps).

My Contacts

Email: aaron at baugher daht biz
IRC: Mhoram (on freenode)
Yahoo Messenger: aaron_baugher
1) A character in Stephen R. Donaldson's Thomas Covenant series of books.
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