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Lythander Elven god of Luck, Huntsman of Goblins, Trollslayer, The Trickster


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Name of the enemy god: Gnarg
Races: Faerie
Enemy races: Goblins , Trolls

Attack Types: Slow, Confusion
Resistances: Confusion +100
Vulnerable: Acid -15, Poison -30
Attuned: Missiles
Repelled: n/a
Denied: Detonation
Special: Mana Regeneration +1, Luck +2, Stealth

Player Information

General Gaming Experience

Evaluative Criticism

Lythander is an all-rounder.
An effective holy word (Priests), increased spell-regeneration (Wizards)
and confuse-immunity (Warriors) are a powerful combo, especially for low level.
The price to pay is denied detonation (no create bomb) and great troubles with acid/poison
(Elves don't like “dirty” stuff).
Real useful special-prayers for high levels are missing too.

Additional Comments

Attacktypes “Slow” and “Confuse” is a really useless attack-type on a weapon, it makes the opponent almost impossible to predict.
Slow is useful, but confusion should make combat still a bit tricky for the trickster.
The resistances are just messed, -40 acid is stupid, and -40 poison is mean.
Resist_Acid -15 (one cloak of acid resist and your items don't get destroyed, this seems a little more reasonable).
Resist_Poison -30 (not much less, but at least you can get to 0 with one low level item).
Currently I will leave denied explosions, this of course denies one of the most useful spells in the game.
The spellpoint+ might make up for it so I wont change this.

Worshiping Lythander


Granted Spells

  • Conflict (medium level)
  • Defense (medium level)

Altar Effects

  • Remove Damnation
  • Remove Depletion
  • Enchant Weapon +7
  • Cure Poison
  • Restore Grace
  • Restore Hitpoints

Holy Relics

Lythander's Magic Pipe

low level, rare

Lythander's Magic Pipe
The object has a story:
This pipe is the finest you have ever seen.
Imagine the smoke rings you could blow with it.
Lythander's Elven Bow

medium level, rare

Lythander's Elven Bow +5 (wc+3)(dam+30)(luck+1)(Attacks: physical).
The item has a story:
You look at this wonderful bow with pride.
It is only granted to the best of Lythander's disciples


Holy Servant

An Unicorn


Tile Size 1×1, level 15, hp 350, wc -1, dam 40, ac -7, armour 50, speed 0.25; Attacktypes: Confusion, Physical; Specials: Luck +2, stealth; Resists: Confusion +100

Gaming Tips

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