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Beginner's Atlas

Figuring out where everything is, can be difficult to beginning Crossfire players.
This is a guide to help make it easier.

Starting Out

When you start playing Crossfire, you have the choice of initially starting in either Scorn or Navar.
Scorn is the easiest for most players, and also is where most players hang out.
You also have the choice of a small tutorial, called Newbieshouse, which I recommend if you haven't played the game before.

First, Scorn is located at the far west of the continent, while Navar is located to the far east.
(however the weather system currently treats this differently 1).
The Imperial Highway, also know as the “Yellow Brick Road” , links Scorn and Navar, along with, Brittany , Darcap , Lake Country, and Santo Dominion ; but we will get to those later.

If you picked Scorn, first head west (left), and go into “Beginner's 1” for an other quick tutorial relating to combat.
And finally enter “Beginner's 2” for a tutorial about staying alive.

Getting Oriented

Now you may want to know what you can do around Scorn and how to get to other places.

The City of Scorn

First starting with the city of Scorn:


Scorn can be divided into the southern area, the northern area, and the port. The Castle of Scorn marks the limit between the northern and southern parts of the city. The southern part of Scorn is more suited to lower level players, while the northern area is better suited for slightly more intermediate-leveled players. The port is a bit more advanced, and has transportation to a few other places. I recommend that beginning players explore the southern area of Scorn a bit to get a feel for the game. You have the possibility of helping some people and have a chance of earning rewards.

Scorn --- Southern Area

When starting out, i recommend that beginning players explore the southern area of Scorn first In the southern area of Scorn, there is an inn which will accommodate anyone for no charge, but be prepared to share rooms. Additionally, there is the general store, which buys and sells basic items. Note that the inn map occasionally resets, so this is not a good place to store stuff!

Scorn --- Northern Area

When you get oriented with the southern area, you may now want to head to the northern part of Scorn. Be careful though, since you can easily get killed if you are not strong enough. Some safe places to visit would be the ground floor and the basement of the Scorn Trade Market(the 2nd floor is very dangerous), the shops, the Bank, City Hall, Library, and IPO (post office). Also in the northern area of Scorn, there are two gatehouses. The north gatehouse leads to the port, while the east gatehouse leads to the Imperial Highway. What looks like a western gatehouse is the entrance to the “stronghold” (castle), which offers a series of quests, many of which will take you outside the city. Note that these rapidly increase in difficulty, so you'll need to do other adventuring too. Most of the wells take you to various parts of the Old City, which is fairly dangerous (so be prepared to flee back to the surface). The well below the temples goes to a separate dungeon, which you may want to try after you've gained a few levels.

You will want to get an apartment fairly soon, to store spare equipment and hoard stuff for later identification and sale. The eastern apartment building is obsolete – tiny and buggy – so don't bother buying an apartment there! (However, the lobby and grounds can be a good place to play with spells and such.) The western one, “Permanent Apartments”, is the one you want – plenty of space, and completely secure. Scraping up the 200 plat for an apartment should be among your first goals.


The motto of the Merchant's Guild is “never give a sucker an even break”. Unless you have bargaining skill, you shouldn't bother trying to buy most equipment. You can make some money selling stuff from the dungeons, but don't expect to get anything like the purchase prices for the same items. The exception to this is gems and gold nuggets, which always buy and sell for 3% off the “official” prices, in any shop. Once you have an apartment, you should accumulate un-IDed stuff until you have stacks large enough to be worth identifying (tables at several shops) and selling. (Un-ID'ed stuff gets even worse prices.) Check around to see who gives you the best prices, as the “wrong” shop will give you a fraction of the price. The specialty shops are pretty obvious, but the “Scorn Sale Shop” takes some of the odder items, notably monster parts. Note that the Library has a shop too!

Scorn --- Port

To get into the port, you need to find the gate password (found somewhere in the city), or port pass (can be found in the city, or bought), or to become a Hero of Scorn. Once you have one of those, go through the northern gate. Here you can enter a few dungeons, or go to other cities. Additionally there is a shop that sells building supplies, but you can't use those unless you have access to a buildable area such as guild storage buildings, and some apartments (Scorn's apartments not included). The dragon in the west of the port, will take you to the Pupland terminal. If you go to Pupland, it is usually a good idea to keep in mind that it can be considered to be one huge quest, with interlinked dungeons. Note that otherwise, Scorn does not get dragon service, but you can still buy a (useless) ticket to Scorn at the other cities' Dragon Hangars. There is a free boat to Stoneville, which does have dragon service. The main dungeons in Stoneville are much more dangerous than Scorn's! (The dragon hangars also offer some free food.)

The Imperial Highway

After you get to a high enough level and most of the dungeons around Scorn become easy, you may want to head to Navar. To get there from Scorn, leave from the east gate, then follow the Yellow Brick Road east. You'll need a Gate Pass, which can be found in any of several dungeons, or purchased in the Port.

Navar contains some quest for players who have passed the point where most dungeons in Scorn present a challenge to them. There are places in which you can get you killed shortly after you enter them, if you are not careful. To start on the quests, you may want to talk to some of the people inside Navar's city hall.

To be continued, but feel free to contribute.

1) Could be explained, by saying that people in the world consider north and south to be based on magnetic north and south, while weather goes by it's rotational axis
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