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Player Guides

Here you will find many guides detailing various aspects of playing Crossfire.

Crossfire Handbook

The Crossfire Handbook provides all information to new players on navigating the complex world of Crossfire.
Some information given can be considered spoilers so reader discretion is advised.

  1. Connecting to Crossfire - How to connect to a Crossfire Server
  2. Creating a character - What to consider when creating a new character
  3. Playing Crossfire - General information about moving and interacting in Crossfire
    1. Player Commands - Commands any player can use including syntax and description
    2. DM Commands - Commands only a DM can use
  4. Skills - What skills your character should learn
    1. Combat - Skills relating to hand to hand combat
    2. Magic - Skills related to spellcraft
    3. Crafting and other skills - Other skills
  5. Equipment - What equipment should you try and find
    1. Store Guide (the best stores for buying and selling)
  6. Maps - Where you should go exploring
    1. Beginner's Atlas - A [uncompleted] guide to the default mapset.

Old Guides


Information on the mechanics within Crossfire can be found in The Sworn book of Scorn.
Some information may be considered a spoiler.
The following pages are useful to new players in particular:

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