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The main world that crossfire's default maps are set in.


The land today known as Bigworld has been called many varied things since ancient times by the various peoples that once dwelt there, and do so still.

  • In Khelens and most of its territories, it was named “The Earth”, while the major landmass was called “The Continent”.
  • Fendrakis used “Raxida”, which is also the name they gave to the Fox Lady, Mother of All Things, deity.
  • Elves traditionally use “Eänella”, which translates as “The Land of Green”
  • Dwarves of Khorolizov use “Herdankaupf”, “Country of the Horses”, which is a reference to their mythology (see the legend of the Twelve Days for that)
  • The Orcish name is “Knâgsh-Ishzeh”, “Rotten Branch”
  • The people of the Old Wall, used the name “Harinappa”, “Bottom of the Pit”, to designate the world.

Most people nowadays use the old Khelenti name (earth) or its direct translation in local languages/idioms.


Places both real, and mythical.

see landforms

The Continent

Big World, or Big Earth, as the first Khelenti colonists called it in reference to its obviously large size. As silly as it may sound, “Big World” is still the most commonly used name for what is the most important landmass currently known in the world of Crossfire.



The Pupland contenent

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