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Landforms / Place Names

This page is for discussing the naming of various landforms in bigworld.

Such as naming lakes, rivers, mountain ranges, swamps, etc

This could help with giving some quests/dungeons some backstory

It may be useful to say what map it is on, also possibly link it to cfworldview?

places can have different names, used by different cultures / races (more depth!!!)

… No idea how well this will go…

Scorn / Navar Continent

For a discussion about the various names of this landmass, see this article

North West

Map Place Name Used by (race/group) Description
(100;107)-(100;108) Hestelonia Large island, whose name means “Promise of Peace” in Khelentari.
world_101_107 Khalbow Island separating the Scornian Sea from the Ocean of Khelens; Druids of the Order of the Gravestone believe an unstable spirit lives there.
world_102_108 Close-Scornidens Scorn and the surrounding territories.
world_102_107 Northern Scornidens Territories in the northern vicinity of Scorn.
world_102_106 Gulf of Namrads Namrads are mythical naïads of the old Pantheon of Khelens.
(101;106)-(101;107) Dragonhead Peninsula Supposedly dragonhead-shaped. Its “eye” is Battlefield Lake, where Scornians defeated the Juradiths in 3885 EK.
world_103_106 Wizard's Desolation Turned into a desert when the Tower of Mage Melficef exploded in 7563 EK.
world_106_105 Island of the Witches Home of the Harelkirjan Sisters during the VIth Millenia EK.

North East

Map Place Name Used by (race/group) Description
around world_128_101 Azumauindo ? A hard to reach island at the far NE of the continent

South West

Map Place Name Used by (race/group) Description
Some Mountains A range of hazardous mountains surrounding the region of Brittany
world_107_124 A Lake A lake to the south of the city of Brest
Dragon Island The island Stoneville is on
world_100_116 Tortola Island A strange island (used in a quest)

South East

Map Place Name Used by (race/group) Description
world_128_129 Antartica An island in the far south
world_129_125 The Crying Sisters Two small islands, far in the south-east
world_128_124 Verenidia A small island, once a pirate outpost
world_128_122 Heaven's Gate Once the last Imperial outpost before the Eastern Ocean, now deserted
world_126_124 The Compass A triangular-shaped island, mentioned in the Story of the Fourth Mariner
(126;123)-(126;124) Southern Garaner Former home territory of the Kingdom of the Masts
(124;124)-(125;123)-(125;124) Western Garaner Former home territory of the Kingdom of the Masts
world_125_123 Northern Garaner Former home territory of the Kingdom of the Masts
world_125_125 Semnaris Island raised from the sea during the Artificers' Wars
world_126_125 Jennisade Island directly facing Semnaris, raised from the sea during the Artificers' Wars
world_126_125 Xerido Small isle at the south of the sector, discovered by Ekkis the Drunk during his crusade against the Sirens in 1223EK
world_124_125 The Twin Horses Two small islands named from an old Normanian legend
world_124_123 Titan's Peninsula Made mostly of desert and hills, only fertile in its northern part. Named so from a legendary tower inhabited by a titan
world_125_122 Bubbles A fish-shaped island. Capt'n Fernast, who discovered it in 2567EK gave it the name of his goldfish
world_126_122 The Elephant A group of tropical islands. Initially looking like an elephant holding a ball on his head, partially submerged during the Artificers' Wars

Retconia (Pupland Continent)

Map Place Name Used by (race/group) Description
Old Pupland Shiniese Peninsula containing Lone Town
New Pupland Shiniese Area around Castle Eureca
Gulf of Pupland Shiniese Gulf between Old Pupland and Berg County
Berg County Shiniese Area east of the Gulf of Pupland, west of Shining Wall; contains Nurnberg
Kurtwood Shiniese Large forest in New Pupland
Shining Wall Shiniese East border of the Shining Kingdom (not shown in current maps)
Fulgen Fields Shiniese Area south of Berg County and north of the ocean (farmland mostly)
Rainbow Islands Six islands south of Pupland
Shining Kingdom Kingdom comprising all areas above
Pupland Shiniese Old Pupland, New Pupland and Gulf of Pupland
Pupland non-Shiniese same as Shining Kingdom
Retconia Shiniese scholars Continent of which the Shining Kingdom is supposedly the westernmost tip
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