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Devourers Soul Eaters, Harbingers of Death, Nameless Lords of the Tomb


The god Devourers is commonly considered to be the dieties of Lost Souls, Grave Dwellers, and Helloween's Disciples.


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See also: The Gaean Legend of Creation


Name of the enemy god: Gaea
Race: Undead
Enemy races: n/a

Attack Types: Drain, Depletion, Death, Life Stealing
Resistances: Cold +15, Poison +30, Fear +100
Resistances: Ghost Hit +50, Depletion +100, Death +100, Drain +100
Vulnerable: Fire -5
Attuned: Death, Wounding
Repelled: Protection, Fire, Restoration, Light
Denied: Turning
Special: Immune to Diseases, Health Regeneration -1, Sustenance +100, Infravision

Player Information

The old guide entry : Devourers

General Gaming Experience

The Devourers are a gods for the lazy players: Almost no hunger for their worshipers, they seldom starve to death.
No need to find or cast food all the time, no disturbing beeping by the client when the food level is getting below 200.
Their disciples are not able to cast banishment spells, but a weapon titled `of Devourers' by luck or brute force praying
on an altar of Devourers make up for this encumbrance: depletion, death, life stealing are powerful attributes to fight many monsters down in short time.
Devourers do not relieve curses and damnation and do not restore lost stats,
but there are plenty of scrolls of remove damnation or curse to be found and `potions of life' .
A follower of them has almost no fear; poisonous drinks do not harm him.
Ghost's attacks are half effective, and depletion and drain by the cruel grimreaper do not affect him.
Triggered death traps evaporate their energy into the nowhere.
Cold temperatures have a little lesser impact on their worshipers, but warmth a slightly amount more.

Evaluative Criticism

Devourers fire vuln/path_denied make them very unattractive at first glance.
The question is: Will the combo of “black/red death” and disease-immu make up for that?
Might this even be an exploit or does it just suck? Anyway, at low levels devourers will be hard to play yet.

Additional Comments

Black and red death are under close watch.
It would appear restoration has come back as a spell for devourers.
None the less, Devourers is not a god for those who enjoy magic, no fire causes a massive hole.
Life stealing works like this: dam/10 = damage dealt to monster damage dealt/3 = hp given to player.
NOTE: Once a player becomes a follower of Devourers, their race will change to Undead
(along with all of it's penalties, specifically vulnerable to holy word spells!)
Players who leave the Devourer's cult will revert back to their original race.

Worshipping Devourers

Worshipping Devourers is more difficult than some of the other gods because a few spells are denied.


Granted Spells

  • Nightfall (medium level)
    • miscellaneous spell, PATH_LIGHT
  • Finger of Death (medium level)
    • smite spell, PATH_DEATH, AT_DEATH
  • Face of Death (medium level)
    • cone spell, PATH_DEATH, AT_DEATH
  • Cause Many Wounds (medium level)
    • swarm spell, PATH_WOUNDING
  • Cause Red Death (medium level)
    • Ebola, disease, PATH_WOUNDING
  • Cause Black Death (high level)
    • Bubonic Plague, disease, PATH_NULL

Altar Effects

  • Enchant Weapon +7

Holy Relics



Holy Servant

A Wight


Tile Size 1×1, level 15, hp 350, wc -1, dam 50, ac -12, armour 20, speed 0.35; Attack Types: Cold, Drain, Depletion, Death

Gaming Tips

  • Learn cause flu and cause cold
  • Casting both of those spells simultaneously can be deadly on monsters.
  • Using both of those spells in places such as the Goblin TC and Raffle 1 is very effective.
  • In the later levels you can get more spells like flu and cold; such as red death.

When applying Artifact items, then you should ensure, that they do not deny the spell-paths,
the god-given spells are bound to :

  • Ring of the Miracles : Repelled Wounding, Denied Death
  • Ring of Benevolence : Repelled Wounding
  • Ring of the Healer : Repelled Wounding
  • Ring of the Saint : Repelled Wounding
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