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The god Gaea, generally considered to be the diety of nature, is one of the more frequently worshipped gods in Bigworld. It is said by some that Gaea's avatar takes the form of a panther.


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See also: The Gaean Legend of Creation

Player Information

Technical Information

Followers of Gaea are prohibited from using melee weapons. This can be an impediment for many, but is required for fireborn, dragons, and monks, so Gaea might be a natural choice for these, as there are many advantages. These include immunity to all diseases, death, depletion, and draining attacks. Other than dragons, who obtain elemental attacks with their claws over time, Gaea followers may have problems damaging some opponents in melee due to restrictions on damage type. At a high enough praying level Gaea will sometimes grant gloves which add a fire attack. There are a few other items which give an additional attack type, but not many, so melee may be a problem.

Player Tips

  • If you choose to worship Gaea it is best to be a Fireborn or Dragon, and/or be a monk, because they’re already unable to use weapons.
  • Using holy word, banishment, and other spells like that is very effective against unnatural creatures like Dreads.
  • Be careful if you are a Fireborn because you can kill yourself with holy word since Fireborns are unnatural. (As a fireborn, I have doubts about this. I walked into a lv 110 banish from a rod and came out fine. Maybe it’s changed…)
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