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Ruggilli Chaos god of Slaughter and Terror, Consuming Worm, Greedy Gut


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Name of the enemy god: Ixalovh
Races: Consuming Fire Creatures
Enemy races: Chaotic Water Creatures

Attack Types: Physical, Fire
Resistances: Fire +100 1), Magic +30, Armour +30
Vulnerable: Cold -30
Attuned: Fire, Wounding
Repelled: Cold, Creation, Restoration
Denied: Turning
Special: Reflect Missiles , Health Regeneration +1, Sustenance -1, No Armour
Special: Immolation - a special attack that works like poison in that the victim continues to take (fire) damage once “infected”

Player Information

See also : The old Guide Ruggilli entry.

General Gaming Experience

Evaluative Criticism

Honestly, I have no idea how that Ruggilli scheme will work out. Needs some testing.

Additional Comments

Ruggilli remains a problem, I have added a temple in Scorn for those who wish to experiment.
I must warn that it is very hard to play and should only be tried with Fireborns or Quetzalcoatls .
Immolation adds massive damage with just a touch at high levels,
Rage adds excessive speed and general improvement to everything.
Flaming Aura and Ret. Strike should add the real meat of the attack.
No idea if Ruggilli is yet comparable, many relics yet to be added.

Worshiping Ruggilli


Granted Spells

  • Flaming Aura (medium level)
  • Rage (medium level)
  • Retributive Strike (high level)

Altar Effects

  • Remove Curse
  • Remove Depletion
  • Enchant Weapon +7
  • Restore Grace
  • Restore Hitpoints
  • Cure Confusion
  • Cure Poison
  • Immolation
  • Immolation Immunity

Holy Relics

Burning Tail of many lashings of Ruggilli

high, rare

Burning Tail of many lashings of Ruggilli +15
(dam+40)(item_power +25)(weapon speed 0)(Attacks: physical, fire, paralyze)
(resist fire +15)(resist cold +25).


Holy Servant

A Dragon ( Big Dragon )


Tile Size 1×1, level 15, hp 400, wc -3, dam 60, ac -5, armour 40, speed 0.50; Attack Types: Physical, Fire; Resists: Fire +100, Magic +30, Cold -100

Gaming Tips

FIXME Add gaming tips

1) become_follower() in server/gods.c limits resistances to elemental attacks given to players at the value of 30
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