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Ixalovh Chaos Goddess of Many Tentacles, Sea Serpent and Ocean Wave


Ixalovh is the god of the Eight Icy Oceans and their Eighty-Eight Spheres
( a sphere measuring something around 100 meters or 100 yards in depth )
that surrounded the Ancient World before Bigworld .


Ixalovh is believed to live deep in the hidden dark and invisible empires of the deepest seas.
It is commonly agreed that it is a male goddess and resembles a giant squid
and that the waves are the fingertips of him.
The whale hunters of Wolfsburg regularly sacrifice fish to appease him,
ensuring calm waters while sailing out onto the oceans.
A small minority of heretics claim though, that Ixalovh would be a giant white sperm whale
creating the maelstroms with his fluke.
A recent founded group of suffragettes in Darcap believes, that Ixalovh would be a female squid
roaming the oceans until she is freed of its ugly body shape,
and that there would be 99 spheres instead of 88.


Name of the enemy god: Ruggilli
Races: Chaotic Water Creatures , Tentacles
Enemy races: Consuming Fire Creatures

Attack Types: Cold, Physical
Resistances: Cold +80 1), Magic +20, Physical (armour) +20
Vulnerable: Fire -30
Attuned: Frost, Transmutation
Repelled: Fire, Detonation
Denied: Turning
Special: n/a

Player Information

See also : The old Guide Ixalovh entry.

General Gaming Experience

Seems to have massive problems melting ice-cubes by marking them and applying flint and steel …

Evaluative Criticism

Ixalovh seems to be a god(dess) that would work for most characters.
A nice weapon blessing for warriors, while the attunement to cold spells
helps those spellcasters kill things a bit faster with cold spells (like icestorm).
She grants many useful resistances: armour +20 really helps out those who can't use or wear good equipment,
and magic +20 furthers your protection.
The only downside to following this god is fire spells are reduced effectiveness,
and fire -30 means that fireball might prove fatal.
Fireborns should probably stay away from her,
though Quetzalcoatls might work well if they can get 150 grace for medium spells.

In all, quite powerful, she's only missing artifacts that could be a bit more useful.

Additional Comments

Keeping an eye on the Horn of Sirens relic and the Siren Call spell since it's mass charm ability might be overpowered.
Ruggili is also now enemy to Ixalovh with slaying set accordingly too.
Neither allows turning of their enemies as they prefer to annihilate each other.

Worshiping Ixalovh


Granted Spells

  • Insect Plague (low level)
  • Wave (low level)
  • Siren Call (medium level)

Altar Effects

  • Remove Curse
  • Remove Depletion
  • Enchant Weapon +12
  • Restore Spellpoints High (this is the only god who does this)
  • Restore Grace
  • Heal
  • Cure Poison

Holy Relics

Horn of the Sirens

high level, rare

In rare cases might contain the spell Siren Call,
otherwise this shellhorn stays empty:
Putting this shell to your ear, you hear a
strange and haunting melody.
Horn of Ocean Waves

high level, rare

In rare cases might contain the spell Wave,
otherwise this shellhorn stays empty:
Putting this shell to your ear, you hear
the crashing sound of ocean waves.
Ixalovh's Spear

+12, high level, rare

Ixalovh's spear +12 (Pow+1)(dam+35)(item_power +20)(weapon speed 3)(magic+1)
(Attacks: physical, cold)(resist magic +10)(resist fire +15)


Holy Servant


Tile Size 1×1, level 19, hp 400, wc -3, dam 60, ac -5, armour 40, speed 0.5; Attack Types: Physical, Cold; Resists: Cold +100, Magic +30, Fire -100

Gaming Tips

FIXME Add gaming tips

1) become_follower() in server/gods.c limits resistances to elemental attacks given to players at the value of 30
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