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General information

This page lists existing quests in Crossfire, where they start, what they offer, the general level needed, what hints exist, and so on.

Warning: This is a big spoiler. This page exists so we have a listing of quests, a general idea of items, and such. Do not read if you intend to discover by yourself, you have been warned!

This page could help populate the map index, or take from there if needed.

Please keep the page with minimum information, and put other information in a separate page.

What this page should contain about quests

  • required items / skills
  • general area the quest takes place (eg: Scorn, Navar, multiple regions, …)
  • general expected player level
  • what hints are available, what lore the quest is linked to
  • who made the quest, so we have reference
  • quest development status: complete, in progress, …

What it should not contain

  • walk-through
  • exhaustive list of monsters
  • “small quests”, ie quests that are only one small map without any special thing
    • quests that have some special/noticeable item should be listed, though (ex: Resir's house that contains a potion of life)

Those can be put on a separate page, of course.


Quest Location Level Reward Hints QS 1)
Resir's house Scorn 5+ potion of life no no
Greyshield Island, south of Lake County, east of Stoneville ? (high lvl monsters) shield, many potions no no
Lursendis Wolfsburg low level non-combat item no yes
Elemental quest Darcap low level combat equipment yes


Ali's cave, outside Navar, requires a password to enter. This password is nowhere to be found. Also the turban is needed in Navar's theater, but no hint exists for the cave's location.

See also questification.

Quests that could be integrated, or trashed:

  • three sisters /sisters
  • warrior's tower /quests/mak
  • mountain pass /quests/hendel
  • saromok /world/world_111_100 and /quests/saromok
  • castle of Ra-Gar /quests/mcz
  • Skud's tower /quests/skud
  • Aljwax /quests/todd/aljwax
  • all in /quests/peterm
  • /quests/cd
  • monkey temple /world/world_115_117 and /dungeon/monkey_temple
  • all maps in /dungeon

In progress / Suggested

This lists quests that are suggested to add to crossfire or are currently in the state of adding

Blood Bond

Link: the blood of the vampire

Short description: long quest (several maps / subquests to achieve), to meet a very powerfull vampire in center of bigworld

Suggested level: 80+

Quest item: blood bond spell

1) tracked through the quest system
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