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Crossfire Timeline

What is generally accepted by the inhabitants of the crossfire world as truth.

See also : backstory_development

Present Day

We are currently in 8437 Era Khelentari (EK). Some information might be found in guides ..

Eighth Millenia EK

8144 EK
  • The Mannor of Thousand Lights is built, then damned by the gods .
8009 EK

Seventh Millenia EK

7563 EK
  • The tower of Melficef the Red explodes.
7392 EK
7385 EK
7124 EK
  • Harta accidentally creates a Dimensional Grid, connecting the Crossfire Continuum with the Daï-Moh-Nî Dimension.

Sixth Millenia EK

6813 EK
6795 EK
6356 EK
6346 EK
  • Butakis settles in Lake Country and starts building the Lake Pump.
around 6200 EK
6170 EK
6140-6150 EK
6138 EK

Fifth Millenia EK

5598 EK
  • The Simplifists exile themselves into the Pocket Dimension of Daï-Moh-Nî, “The World With a Future”, in Ancient Daigojij Language.
5581 EK
Late LVIth Century EK
  • The Great Schism between the Simplifists led by Mish the Toon and the Stabilists: The Sedition Wars.
5524 EK
  • The Meteomage Grab of Ledh fails an experiment, making the weather mad for a while, an event remembered as “The Weather Madness”.

Fourth Millenia EK

4453 EK
4131 EK
  • Foundation of the Elven City of Tashkeren-tah at Vkovzerov (Lake Country).
4127 EK
  • King Kadriosa IV of Scorn leads a Crusade against the Elves of the south-east, who flee their country .

Third Millenia EK

3885 EK
  • Juradiths are expelled from Scorn by revolting citizens. They are vanquished at Battlefield Lake.
3867 EK
  • Juradiths take the direction of Scorn and create a Republic.
3154 EK
  • The High Tide of the Gears: End of the Artificers' Wars ; many islands are flooded or disappear forever in the depths of the Eastern Ocean.
3084-3154 EK
Start of the millenia
  • Part of the population of Darcap , feeling rejected for it's small body size, creates a colony north-east of the town.

Second Millenia EK

2765 EK
  • The city of Heaven's Gate is burned by pirates.
2675 EK
2567 EK
  • Fernast Fergono, exiled from Navar , leads a famous exploration expedition in the south-east seas.
2287 EK
around 2280 EK
2264 EK

First Millenia EK

1223 EK
  • Ekkis the Drunk leads a disastrous crusade against the Sirens in the southern seas.

600-700 EK

711 EK
  • The outpost of Heaven's Gate is founded.

400-500 EK

435 EK
  • Colony of Skorn founded. It would eventually become the city of Scorn .

300-400 EK

Around 350 EK
  • The Story of the Fourth Mariner is written by an unknown author.

Crossfire Lore

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