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Imperial Myths

The Legend of the Builders

At the beginning, there was nothing. Or, more exactly, even nothing didn't exist. And then, Torë, the First Builder, came. It is not known why Torë thought that creating a universe would be a good idea. But he called Mawëd for help, and soon, others gathered, and they shaped up the universe to suit their wishes.

Very little is known about Builders. They are not part of the world like gods or other living creatures; instead, they live in the mysterious Outside, looking at us like humans may look at fishes in a tank. Although they searched for centuries, priests of the old Empire weren't even quite sure about something as simple as their names. Some are universally known, though: Torë the First (The Torinno of Fergonithes), Mawëd the Leading (already mentioned as “MWD” on the tablets of the ancient civilization of Haëmdel, 3000 years before Khelens), or Midasös the Engineer.

They rarely directly manifest themselves to the thinking races of the world, but whenever they do, it means that huge changes are going to happen. Only feeble echoes of their extra-cosmic wars can be heard through the walls of the universe.

Soon after having created the world, Builders quickly understood that it would be a tiresome and difficult task for them to manage every prayer made by mortals; moreover, those were troubling their sleep by their constant babbling in their minds - creating and keeping the shape of the world was already challenging enough. So they created the gods to help them in those tasks.

Most of the gods we know today were already popular in the times of the Old Empire, like Mostrai or Lythander. Others changed names as time passed. Gods provided their powers to the Faithful Ones, and helped them by providing blessings and powerful weapons. The priests of the Old Empire never believed gods made the world, as they were themselves part of it; world-building was the Builders task. Builders had temples in all major imperial cities, in which an 'eternal' fire was kept to represent their mysterious existence in the Outside.

The Legend of the Foundation of Scorn

Few archives remain from the times when Scorn was founded. The city is probably the oldest of the whole known world. Before Fido, before the Old Empire, maybe even before gods, Scorn was already there.

It is usually said that Scorn was founded by Skud the Great . Many legends are telling about Skud, the half-mythical hero. How he captured the first dragons. How he fought unknown monsters in the East. How he built Scorn and the First Inn. Some priests even postulated that Skud was in fact a Builder. Skud created the First Inn because he wanted to sleep inside a house, without the risk of being attacked by monsters during the night. He left the Holy Guestbook, one of the oldest relics of Crossfire, where he and his fellow friends wrote their names. Skud disappeared long before the Old Empire came, and nowadays only the Builders can probably remember him.

Recent researches show that, although he greatly contributed to the popularity of the city, Skud didn't found it: it was in fact created by Tabb the Dark, a Builder that left very little information about him behind. According to the Codex Skudensis that was discovered in the depths of the Old City, “Scorn” would have been the real name of Tabb the Dark.

The Foundation of Scorn is imbued with mystery and seems to be self-contradictory. It is a well-known fact that Scorn was the first colony founded by the Empire on Bigworld, where the boats of the first expedition landed. This does not fit at all the story found in the Codex Skudensis that clearly states it was founded “before the Old Empire”. Merodenn the Falling postulated that the Scorn of the Codex is in fact another unrelated city, and that a mismatch between the two was later made. Others think that, since the current city has been built on top of the ruins of the one founded by the Empire, nothing prevents imagining other, older cities below it. So far, the mystery remains unresolved.

The Coming of Color

It is said that centuries before the foundation of the Old Empire, the world was colorless and sad. Aware of that problem, the Builders decided to bring color in the life of the Crossfire people. They called the massive powers of Xepemes, The Source Of All Colors, on the universe. The magical burst slowly covered the world with colors, but some elements resisted for a long time. Prophets of the Old Empire announced that, although victorious, the force of Xepemes wouldn't stay forever: one day, it would eventually fade away against a more powerful magical force, the mysterious Pegemes(Peengees?). This happened - but much after the fall of the Empire.

The Bigworld

The old world was small and it consisted of many pieces.
Scorn , Navar , Brittany and Santo Dominion were in one large piece. Darcap and the Hill Village were in another smaller one. Lake Country was in yet another. Pupland was still another. The world was not whole, and the builders saw that this was wrong. They began the quest to unite the world and established the Bigworld . As the builders united the world they saw that it was much too small and began to make it larger. They raised up the Great Mountains around Brest and they caused the Great Forest to grow. As the time passed, Navar grew to become a great Kingdom and the builders decided that it was a good city for players to call home and they gave the Heroes a choice to serve Scorn or Navar. Nevertheless, Pupland is still not part of this new world, but the builders wish to add it to the west of Scorn.

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