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Crossfire Timeline

What is generally accepted by the inhabitants of the crossfire world as truth.

Present Day

We are currently in 8437 Era Khelentari (EK). Some information can be found in guides

300-400 EK

Around 350 EK
  • The Story of the Fourth Mariner is written by an unknown author.

400-500 EK

435 EK
  • Colony of Skorn Founded. It would eventualy become the city of Scorn.

600-700 EK

711 EK
  • The outpost of Heaven's Gate is founded.

First Millenia EK

1223 EK
  • Ekkis the Drunk leads a disastrous crusade against the Sirens in the southern seas.

Second Millenia EK

2264 EK
around 2280 EK
2287 EK
2567 EK
  • Fernast Fergono, exiled from Navar, leads a famous exploration expedition in the south-east seas.
2675 EK
2765 EK
  • The city of Heaven's Gate is burned by pirates.

Third Millenia EK

start of the millenia
  • part of the population of Darcap, feeling rejected for its small size, creates a colony north-east of the town
3084-3154 EK
3154 EK
  • The High Tide of the Gears: End of the Artificers' Wars; many islands are flooded or disappear forever in the depths of the Eastern Ocean.
3867 EK
  • Juradiths take the direction of Scorn and create a republic.
3885 EK
  • Juradiths are expelled from Scorn by revolting citizens. They are vanquished at Battlefield Lake.

Fourth Millenia EK

4127 EK
  • King Kadriosa IV of Scorn leads a Crusade against the elves of the south-east, who flee the country.
4131 EK
4453 EK
  • The Elven City of Tashkeren-tah sinks into the largest lake of Lake Country.

Fifth Millenia EK

5524 EK
  • The Meteomage Grab of Ledh fails an experiment, making the weather mad for a while, an event remembered as “The Weather Madness”.
Late LVIth Century EK
  • The Great Schism between the Simplifists led by Mish the Toon and the Stabilists: The Sedition Wars.
5581 EK
  • Battle of the Glowing Crystal: the Order of the Careful Coders is disbanded.
5598 EK
  • The Simplifists exile themselves into the Pocket Dimension of Daï-Moh-Nî, “The World With a Future”, in Ancient Daigojij Language.

Sixth Millenia EK

6138 EK
  • Herghist sets foot in Darcap, the first stranger in 4 millenia
6140-6150 EK
  • Herghist goes back to Navar
  • tunnel between Darcap and Navar is built
  • temple of Gaea founded in Darcap
6170 EK
  • outpost south of Zaah's castle taken by survivors of Zaah's colony
around 6200 EK
6356 EK
  • Butakis settles in Lake Country and starts building the Lake Pump.
6356 EK
  • The Lake Pump is destroyed by Twak. Lake Country is covered by fog. Butakis is disfigured.
6795 EK
6813 EK

Seventh Millenia EK

7124 EK
  • Harta accidentally creates a Dimensional Grid, connecting the Crossfire Continuum with the Daï-Moh-Nî Dimension.
7385 EK
  • a breeder flees with some dragons and ends creating a maze in Darcap
7392 EK
7563 EK
  • The tower of Melficef the Red explodes.

Eighth Millenia EK

8009 EK
8144 EK
  • The Mannor of Thousand Lights is built, then damned by the gods.

Crossfire Lore

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