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This page stores names of all heroes and villains mentioned in tales of crossfire.
They should be later sorted by the times they appear in.

See also : History


Andreas the Ravenous, persuaded a significant part of the population of Darcap
to convert to Devourers , around 2280 EK.

Grab of Ledh

The Meteomage Grab of Ledh failed an experiment in 5524 EK,
making the weather mad for a while,
an event remembered as “The Weather Madness”.

See also : Weather

Harelkirjan Sisters

Also called the Twin Witches, they were two powerful women wizards;
Herin was specialized in White Magic,
while her sister Urdin was a master of the Black Art.

Both of them tried to improve the life of the people living all around their house,
and introduced the use of cats as spirit-watchers in Scorn.
Unfortunately for them, they were burned by an angry Brestian fanatical mob
for “illegal use of Arcane Powers”.


Julio the Great, honored in Darcap for his contributions to the wealth of the city,
which were made public some years after his death.

His passion was the interaction between the Four Elements ( air, fire, water, earth ).


The Juradiths Dissidents, named after Juradith, Minor Spirit of Equity,
were a group of activists, that wanted to turn the Kingdom of Scorn into a republic
in the second-half of the MMMCMth century EK.

They succeeded at overthrowing King Karatan III, but their vengeful,
fanatical excesses quickly turned most Scornians against them.
When trying to recapture the city, their army was defeated by the Scornian Militia
with the help of a couple city mages,
who flooded the Juradiths into a magically created lake.

Juradiths still exist as a small political faction today,
although they've long traded their violent ways for some weird traditions
whose origins and meaning are now mostly forgotten.


Melficef the Red was a powerful mage that conducted thaumical studies
to try to store magical energies in an efficient way.
He created many self-recharging rod spells that are still commonly used today,
as well as the thaumic bomb, a device storing a massive amount of mana
and releasing it in a violent explosion
- such an explosion actually killed the unfortunate Melficef himself.


Morgul, The Tower Builder, The Dark Climber

Morgul was a Dark Mage that built a tower in the hope
of creating a bridge with the skies, so that demons could attack heavens.

Fortunately for angels , a group of adventurers defeated him in 2374EK.


Archmage Rhyz, (Entorinaas Durdennis Rhyz, Fourth Archmage of the Seat, Herdysenmark of Normania)

Rhyz was an Archmage of the Blue School during the Old Days of the Empire.

“(…)Unlike Dhelyy Olyy, his contemporary rival for the Seat, Rhyz focused mostly on closing the gap that existed between the art of fighting and the Arcane. While Dhelyy Olyy believed in the dual association of the Warrior and the Wizard, each with its own strength increased by a long specialization in their respective fields, Rhyz believed in the idea of a “super warriard”, a combination of a powerful wizard and a strong warrior. As such, he devised many items that increased the strength and combat capabilities of their wearers, hoping that wizard apprentices would so be more inclined to learn the battle skills of warriors.

Unfortunately for Rhyz, most of his followers relied more and more on magical strength more than physical training, leaving them to a severe defeat at the Battle of Moriach, when Dhelyy used an anti-magic field over them.”

(Quote from the Codex Simochusianus, Volume XVII)


One of the first Builders .
Skud the Great created many famous places, like the Scorn's First Inn or the Newbie Tower.

The reasons of the disappearance of Skud are mostly unknown.
The Codex Skudensis mentions that it could have been because
of the negative influence of the Arch-Demon Neth Aq.

It is thought that The Tower of Skud, although left unfinished by its creator,
may contain information about the fate of one of the most famous Builders.


Archdaemonist Xebinon

Xebinon was an Archmage and Daemonist that was since trapped by a demon of the 10th Circle in his manor.

It is said that Xebinon used the Crown of Hellfires to try to tame the Arch-daemon (and failed)
- this is a crown that gave a lot of power, but drained the magical force of the wearer
at the same time, making the spell regeneration more difficult.
This was in fact a cursed, twisted artifact, created by daemons for people who were seeking short-term power,
but would thus head directly for long-term soul slavery.

Xebinon is sometimes called “The faceless one”, as it is said that the daemon trapped him
by stealing his visage.
This may explain why magical artifacts wearing his name are often helmets.


Zormola, The Bashing One

Zormola was a great female Orcish warrior,
that is sometimes considered as a lesser divinity by not only Orcs ,
but also by southern Barbarians or even Dwarves of Herfensheim,
who salute her courage on the battlefield.

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