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Wolfen the White

Wolfen the White, The White Hunter, The One Who Listens

Wolfen is one of the three moons orbiting around the world of Crossfire .
It is said to be the spirit of the legendary hunter Wolfen,
who tracked Kalkaruntes , God of the Dragons ,
to it's cavern and vanquished it.

In astrology, Wolfen is the symbol of practical mind, swiftness and flexibility,
but also cowardice and stealing .
It is associated with the Earth element in Alchemancy .

Wolfen is seen as a protector by hunters and rangers .
Priests of Lythander think it is the reincarnation of the wolf
that hunts with Lythander in the divine forests of Nerënna .
Fenxes see it as Fixas ,
the one that saved them from the Humans so long ago.

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