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Crossfire Map Guide

Developers and Map-Makers probably look at the Map Making Guide

Handbook Table of Contents

Guides - Back to guides index

  1. Connecting to Crossfire - How to connect to a Crossfire Server
  2. Creating a character - What to consider when creating a new character
  3. Playing Crossfire - General information about moving and interacting in Crossfire
    1. Player Commands - Commands any player can use including syntax and description
    2. DM Commands - Commands only a DM can use
  4. Skills - What skills your character should learn
    1. Combat - Skills relating to hand to hand combat
    2. Magic - Skills related to spellcraft
    3. Crafting and other skills - Other skills
  5. Equipment - What equipment should you try and find
    1. Store Guide (the best stores for buying and selling)
  6. Maps - Where you should go exploring ← You are here :!:
    1. Beginners Atlas - A [uncompleted] guide to the default mapset.



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