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The Sworn Book of Scorn

FIXME The reader coming from the start page expects a long tome to read.
But this page contains mainly short lists with links to other pages.
Furthermore the filename is misleading : “mechanics” . Crossfire maps have a large variety of
hidden mechanics whose purposes are to add random effects to the game.

Scholars and Wizards have argued for eons about the details outlined in the “Sworn Book of Scorn”, said to be the single most comprehensive grimoire on the world most commonly known as Crossfire. Beware, the following grimoire contains texts gleaned from the shreds of documents that litter the world. Whilst the utmost care has been taken to eliminate texts that contradict or confuse, the authors cannot vouch for the veracity of everything contained.


The history and changes that have occurred can be studied: here


For information about the properties visit characters or use the following quicklinks below.

Character Basics

Characters can:

Character attributes

The Characters section details attributes or properties of characters including:


There are many gods whom crave the worship of characters:


See Skills

Combat Skills

Spell Casting Skills

Artisan Skills

General Skills



Treasurelists determine what items can be dropped by monsters, chests and created from skills


The following Weapon Items in Crossfire can be worn by some races and classes to aid in combat attacks:

The following armour can be worn on particular specific locations on the body,
if the race or has them or their gods allow it, to protect against attack:

Equipment that grants access to spells, or improve player and equipment statistics

Equipment that temporarily grants Secondary Stats:

Equipment that grants skills:



Combat can occur between any monsters and characters.


This section contains guides to help players navigate around the world in crossfire




All maps can be accessed online via the crossfire atlas .

  • Wilderness - Away from civilization.
  • Imperial Highway (a.k.a. the Yellow Brick Road)
  • Euthville - What remains of the town of Euthville.
  • Mikee's Maze Crossfire's own maze of twisty little passages all alike, and some hints for how to escape the madness.


  • Landforms - A document aimed at mappers. It shows the names of various areas inside the default maps.



Information (spoilers) about monsters and NPCs can be found at: Monsters

Date and Time

  • Time - Details about time, seasons, and related topics.
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