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  • history - The history of Crossfire


  • Names for the Bigworld
  • backstory development - whenever someone posts a story on IRC (or elsewhere), it should go here to be later combined with the rest of the lore
  • Famous Names - NPC and similar names found while playing that are missing a background or reference

These are legends told by the inhabitants of Bigworld

Various Short Notes about anything and everything

There are many names that appear here and there without further explanation. Some notes about those were gathered here:

  • Crolmi, The Rocky One, Dwarven Deity of Mountains and Rocks;
  • Glamdri, The Darkness Breaker, The Last Standing One;
  • Archmage Rhyz of the Blue School of Occidental Mages;
  • Xebinon, The Trapped Daemonist;
  • Argoth of the Two Towers;
  • Irial, The Fast One, the Shy Light;
  • Zormola, The Bashing One, Orcish Hero;
  • Morgul, The Tower Builder;
  • Ilrya, The Mountain Huntress;
  • Kragi, The Savage Crocodile.
  • Fido (the story about Fido, the messenger of the Gods)
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