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The Book of Valriel

In the beginning, for an infinite time, all that existed was a pure light, and that light had a name, and that name was Valriel.

But part of the light was not content to be alone, and so did Valriel put this part of Himself aside and did He allow this part to have independent life; and this part was everything that wasn't content, and as it wasn't light, it surely was the darkness; and the darkness took upon itself the name of Gorokh.

And for many times more time than a mortal can count, Gorokh was the companion and the servant of Valriel. But Gorokh was not content, because that was his nature, and he plotted a way to change everything. And although filled with hidden motives, Gorokh's words were always very wise, so that Valriel would hear them. So it was that Valriel followed the wise counsel of the Shadow and created a world full of living things to be His new companions and servants.

And as soon as Valriel had millions of new companions and servants, Gorokh said, “so now you won't need me anymore, I can leave and find my own companions and servants”. And this made Valriel unhappy because He was the only and true Lord, but Gorokh wouldn't recognize that, and so it was Gorokh who eventually taught men to rule over other men instead of paying respect to the one true ruler of all.

So did Valriel upon the departure of his first servant, create new servants modeled after His beauty and grace, and elf and man and dwarf he created them. But the Shadow did feel envy and wished those followers for himself, so he came to them in the night and whispered in their ears, and some of them were tempted and started to worship and serve the Shadow.

But not enough were seduced by his promises. So he decided to be many, not one. And he wore different shapes and again he whispered in the ears of Valriel's creations. And to the elves he was Lythander of the bow that never misses, and the elves did not see that if a bow never misses, and it isn't the work of the Lord, then it can only be the work of the Enemy. And to the dwarves he wore the name of Mostrai, of the fire, of the forge, the builder of things, for the fire and the desire to change was the true face of Gorokh.

And he taught the men to wage war upon each other, and scared the warriors with thunder and lightning, and they would call him Sorig. And those who weren't scared, he tempted with weapons and glory, and wore the beautiful face of a woman, and they called him Valkyrie. And as they killed each other, Gorokh was happy.

And much more he did. He taught women to heal and to make the soil grow crop, and they called him Gaea, and believed that Gaea created the world and Valriel was but a minor god, and by spreading this lie they made Gorokh happy. And he taught the children of Valriel to write, so that they could spread his lies further, and they called him Hekanis for that. And he taught them the abomination of filthy magic to pervert and corrupt the creation of the Lord, and to liken themselves to gods, and the evil souls that followed this path called him Byd. And also he taught elf and man and dwarf to brew alcohol and other inebriating things and to laugh in the face of Valriel and throw parties that put shame to the eye of the Lord, and he taught them all that under human guise, and they called their teacher Joyee.

So did Valriel look upon the world He created and so did He feel great sorrow and great shame for what had happened to it. And so did he create a new race of servants, more powerful and more faithful than any other, imbued with the mission of hunting down and undoing the work of the Enemy, and this race He called Angels.

But again Gorokh felt envy because the servants of the Light were more powerful than his own, and again he went to some of the angels in the night and whispered temptation in their ears, and some turned to his foul purposes and fell from grace. So did Gorokh give them new shapes, to more liken them to himself, red with hate and wearing horns to symbolize their envy, and they became demons. And the plan of Valriel was once again spoiled by the venom of the enemy, because angels had to step aside from their assigned mission to fight the demons and keep them from spreading the evil in their dark hearts.

And Gorokh did find great fun in changing Valriel's creation into a new race, and so did he get elf and man and dwarf and corrupted them with his dark will, and they became goblin and orc and kobold, and troll, and giant, and ogre, and many other abominations to the eye of the Creator, and Gorokh wore the name of Gnarg to these new creations and delighted in watching the destruction and sorrow they spread in the world.

And in the ultimate act of defiance, the Shadow decided to create servants for him, create new life himself to liken him more to the Great Lord. And he assembled the foulest magic and the darkest hunger he could find and shaped these into the most horrible monsters he could imagine, and gave them life, and called them dragons, and sent them forth to eat the flesh of the creation of Valriel. And the dragons did call him Ruggilli and much did they please him with the terror they spread.

But the light and the love of Valriel knew no end, so He decided to fight evil with good, and He instructed His faithful servants to do only the good, to spread the word of His love. And by doing that did He win back many servants who saw that the righteous is more powerful than the might. Much did this enrage the Shadow, and the Shadow did respond by raising the dead themselves from their graves to fight the forces of good. Even when the dead did not win, they did force the living to abandon good in favor of war, and in doing so they would too abandon Valriel. So once again he shadow was happy.

Valriel finally did decide, with much sorrow in His infinite heart, that the only way to make His creation safe again was to destroy the Shadow himself. So did He cast His holy word upon His creation to banish the work of the Enemy. But the Enemy knew what would happen beforehand, due to the evil magic of his followers, and he created a safe refuge for their evil, in a world created entirely of pure evil and hate, that he had set aside from creation and called Hell. And soon enough did Gorokh find ways back into the world of the creation of Light, and resumed his foul work of evil and dissent and terror.

So did Valriel gather together His faithful and he did gave them some time to put the love for the Lord back in the hearts of as many of His children as they could. And very soon will He again call upon the faithful, and then will He give the faithful an entire new world for them to live in the love of Valriel. And Having done that He will turn to this world, and to Hell, and to Gorokh, and He will destroy them completely with the force of His will, putting an end once and for all in the war and the evil.

Lalo Martins at some point in 2003 or whereabouts

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