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Help Out With The Crossfire Gaming Project

There are many areas of Crossfire that can virtually anyone can contribute to.


  • Project documentation (like on this wiki)
  • Bug testing (Report Bugs Here )
  • Graphic development
  • Creating Maps
  • Coding

Help & Contribute

Map and Graphic contributions are much more “free form” then client or server development.

As long as the maps follow the Map Guidelines and there are no obvious exploits, errors or problems – many maps (nearly all..) are added to the official distribution. For more information, see the expanded section on Map Contributions

Graphics have a pretty good track record of being added as well - just make sure the“ style” and “look” of the graphics blend nicely with the existing graphic set. It's best to test new graphics (preview them) in a sample in-game screen shot. See the Graphics Guide for more information Note: There is more to graphics then a .png file - there's also Archetypes.

Archetypes are the specifications that determines many aspects and features of graphics. To name a few; things like the graphic animation sequence, in game features such as how much damage a weapon causes, if an item can be walked on (ex: floor tile) or not walked on (ex: much of the water graphics), and if the object performs a special function (ex: cult altars, money conversion tables) is all determined through archetypes. While adjusting or creating archetypes can be quite a task, the development team can assist on that. Graphics however, are always needed and appreciated.

For some ideas of what to work on, consider arch/TODO or gfx_needing_fixing.

When you want to submit content, please put it on the (patch tracker), and optionally leave a note on the discussion mailing list.

FIXME - Adjustments, updates and changes made to the client or server code requirements

1) Name says CVS due to it being difficult/impossible to change on
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