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A Crossfire client is required for logging in and playing on a Crossfire Server - whether it's a localhost server (running on your computer), or a server on your Local Area Network (LAN) or one of the many public servers that are available. All clients provide a map view, console and interface to move and interact in the crossfire world. Choosing a client comes down to preference and operating system of choice.

For a list of the latest clients visit here

Platform client installation guides


The GTK V2 crossfire client, utilises the Gimp Toolkit (GTK+).

  • Linux GTK V2 Client Install Guide - Guide to installing the GTK V2 client on a linux platform
  • OSX - Guide to installing GTK V2 client on OSX
  • BSD - Information on installing the GTK V2 client on BSD
  • Solaris - Information on installing GTK V2 on solaris
  • The last stable windows GTK client binary was: 1.60.2
  • known client issues - Listing of issues, quirks, problems encountered with the GTKV2 client

JXclient (Java Client)

The jxclient is a Java based client for crossfire. This is the only client for Windows that supports connections to crossfire servers of version 1.71 and newer.

First things first though, you will need to install Java Runtime Environment (JRE), based on your operating system and version:

JXclient specific information:


Connecting to a server

  • GTKV2 Client connection - is a Step by step guide to connecting to a crossfire server using the GTKV2 client
  • JXClient connection - is a Step by step guide to connecting to a crossfire server using the java based jxclient

Client Commands

The client can be used to issue commands either through the console or by binding keys:

Client Side Scripting

Other documents

  • Commands - long list of available in-game commands and summary that are available for all game clients
  • Keybinding - GTKv2 client keybinding examples
  • Scratchpad - Brainstorming ideas, observations and other client related ideas
  • .crossfire folder - Summary of what is found in the .crossfire folder of the client, what the content functions are, troubleshooting suggestions and other discussion related to the game clients
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